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11 Daily Habits that changed my life (and are guaranteed to dramatically transform yours too)

Back when I tossed pizzas for a living I really struggled feeling comfortable in my own skin. I couldn’t look in the mirror and often I even hated myself.

I had such a repetitive, negative internal dialog that led to a full breakdown – I was completely lost.

Hand on heart, it was exercise and fitness that pulled me through and out of that dark time.

I learned that life is better when you’re kind to yourself and when you feel good.

Jessica Cooke

Love the way you look and feel.

My team & I are waiting to help.

That’s why I’ve made Inspire such a safe, warm, welcoming place for women to come, leave their troubles at the door, train, and leave feeling terrific.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that if you truly want to grow and progress through life, you have to work on yourself more than anything else. You can’t control the things that happen around you, but you can change your thought patterns, belief systems, your self-image and your daily habits.

Success in anything takes time and as cliched as it always sounds, you have to be willing to put in the work. And working on yourself is a big commitment. But with that comes massive rewards, like life-changing rewards.

Here’s a list of my daily habits, (I don’t do them at weekends BTW)

Priming 16 mins in morning (check out Tony Robbins)

Fill out my priming book (check out Tony Robbins)

Goal setting and re-affirming every day

Plan day the night before and have end of day review

2 litres of water every day

Daily affirmations

30 mins personal development audio while in car

30 mins reading every day (in bed before sleep works best for me)

Bed at 10:30pm LATEST

Up at 6:30am

Workout every day (even if just for 16 minutes)

Without all this, I have no focus, or clarity and I forget my purpose. I start to take a step back, feel a little negative and let things and people affect me, in a way that they don’t now. I stop seeing the bigger picture and forget the importance of my goals.

More importantly, I feel on top of the world with these 11 daily habits. I live life to the fullest,  I’m happy, in control of my thoughts, and ready to take on the world. Also I’m healthy, hydrated and feeling fit! I live my life with purpose, I feel clear and connected to the world and nature better.

Your daily habits are really what drive you forward or backwards, hope this helps in some way,

Jessica Cooke X


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For 10 years, I’ve helped busy, stressed-out women lose weight, get fit & feel great, with my #FEELGOOD programs, much faster and with better results, than any fad diet, fitness class or regular gym.