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Today's Podcast Episode

Special guest Psychotherapist Trisha Mac Hale is joining me on the podcast today from Mind and Body Works. 

Trisha is talking to me about how to break free from unhealthy habits and navigate change. 

Trisha is a Psychotherapist and Supervisor working in private practice in Galway since 2006. In 2019, she went into partnership with Mind and Body Works, which operates two Psychotherapy and Counseling Centers in Dublin, and opened a centre in Woodquay, with a new centre now opened on Dominic Street, Galway.

They have a team of over 50 Psychotherapists and Psychologists who offer counselling to adults, couples, adolescents, and children. They offer a wide range of therapies, including CBT, EMDR, and Art Therapy.

Her contact details are: Galway 091 725 750


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