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In this episode, I'm diving into the art of setting boundaries and how it can transform your life for the better. I never used to have boundaries; I used to think boundaries were just physical. Because of this I used to feel frustrated, tired and angry often. I felt fed up and not in the driving seat of my own life, rather on a hamster wheel. My life 10xed when I learned and implemented all the different types of ways you can have boundaries in your life. Now I love boundaries; they're so cool! They give you such freedom in your life to live life on your terms. I became so much happier and content when I implemented them. Click play and let’s dive in

  • 24/4/24 Love this J! Really taking this on these days and am loving the FREEDOM of it. There was a cookery demo in the hall last night. I was there last year and it was very good. I choose not to go last night as I was extremely tired, was farming til late the night before and I was tired. No ill feeling about not going, about not supporting the people etc….its great! Completely pulled back at work on “rubbish” too! Yippee!

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