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Becoming Fit & Heathy in 2020 – It all starts with a great foundation.

Fad diets don’t work. Dieting doesn’t work. Nor does leaving out food groups, starving yourself, or counting calories. If you start 2020, accepting that, you’re off to a great start and possibly even this could be the year when you never have to ‘start’ again.

I meet a lot of people, trying to lose weight, who tell me that a certain type of diet has worked for them in the past. Can you see how strange that sounds? If you’ve gained weight once you’ve stopped something, it means it hasn’t worked. It doesn’t matter if you’ve kept the weight off for 3 months or 3 years. If you stopped, and gained weight, it didn’t work.

FACT. If you eat healthy and workout, you’ll be in great shape. But all too often people aren’t willing to acknowledge this, so they chase new things. The buzz of starting something new, the hope that this will be the secret sauce, the absolute denial that you’re eating too much and not moving enough.

We tell ourselves untruths the whole time to make ourselves feel better.

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But what if you made 2020 the year you didn’t quit on the ‘unsexy, boring’ stuff. What if you committed to yourself now that you’ll stick with eating healthy and working out and you’ll never look at a stupid diet ever again?

Consistency, routine, a good solid weekly food plan with all food groups triumphs. Every single person I know that’s fit and healthy, eats well and works out. Every person I know that has food issues, cuts out food groups, goes on diets and is ALWAYS trying something new. I swear to God, I have never met someone that bucks that trend.

So if you’re to take one thing from this blog post, from someone who has been there and done that, make that the first part of your 2020 foundation.

Commit to consistency, routine and EATING 3 MEALS and 2 SNACKS every day.

Commit to working out, regardless of your mood.

Commit to drinking 2 litres of water every day, even when you don’t want to.

Commit to calling it a day on mid-week alcohol.

Commit to not eating after dinner time, unless it’s a piece of fruit, regardless of the fact that ‘you fancy something sweet’. Sure we all do!!! But we’ve got goals to achieve that we said we wanted to achieve!

So make your decisions. Be clear, just black and white.

What do you want. Why do you want it. What are you willing to give up for good.

Get support and accountability. That’s the secret sauce. That’s the real key to success.

i hope this helps,

Jessica X

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