Are Your Habits and Actions in Line with Your Dream Life?

I want to ask you…

Are your habits in line with your dream life? 

I have spent so long with my habits not being in line with my dream life. I used to eat crap on the couch and be annoyed that I felt sluggish and tired.

I used to drink alcohol, so much alcohol at the weekends and be so annoyed that I didn’t feel good on a Sunday. And my actual action steps, they just were never in line with where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. And I always saw myself as this fit person, that loved being in nature and loved getting up early in the morning and loved feeling good. And yet I was doing so many things that were making me not feel good, which didn’t really make sense, but it made sense back then. But now it doesn’t make sense anymore, which is kind of good.

Ask yourself… are your actual action steps in line with where you want to be and who you want to be?

We can get so easily led by Instagram and social media and advertising that we think it’s about losing weight, or calorie counting or dieting, or weighing ourselves. And we don’t actually remember to check in with what it is that we actually want to do and don’t want to do because we’re so busy and we’re just going around and around every day.

It can feel a little bit like Groundhog Day, like we’re on a hamster wheel. And it’s really difficult to find the time to actually sit down and say, “What do I want out of life? What would my life look like if I did all the action steps I really desired? What kind of a person do I want to be? Do I love being out with nature? Do I love being indoors all cozy? Do I love sea swimming? Do I hate sea swimming?” All these things that if you give yourself a little bit of time to ask yourself, it can really help you solve maybe all the weight loss and fitness issues that you may have going on.

And for me, that’s the case. I was always fluctuating with my weight. I was always gaining or losing weight. My clothes were always tight or getting looser. I was always dieting or not dieting. And yet I never really realised that if I had worked on the actual problems that were causing me to overeat, that I would’ve gotten to where I am now an awful lot quicker. And that’s my mission in life. To help women… to empower women to transform their lives through fitness because I believe you can change every single habit you have in your life through consistent exercise. Because consistent exercise, in my opinion, makes you mentally strong. And when you’re mentally strong, you can do anything. You can do anything you set your mind to.

I gave up alcohol the 1st of May, and I never in a million years thought that would’ve been possible, ever would’ve been possible. But I often say that the day you decide you want to change, you mightn’t change, but that day is so important because you’ve made the decision that something isn’t serving you or working well for you in your life. And that was me about two years ago. Two years ago, I decided that I didn’t want to drink alcohol anymore. It took me two years to stop, but I really am so proud of that day I decided to stop, yet hadn’t stopped, if that makes sense. I’m just as proud of that day as I am of the day that I actually stopped.

So if you have any habits that are holding you back, if you stay up really late at night, scrolling on your phone, or if you are comfort eating on the couch and you can’t seem to stop or you’re drinking too much at the weekends and you’re just coming into Monday going, “Here we go again,” which was me. I just couldn’t bear that loop feeling anymore; I just had to get out of it. If you’re feeling like that and you decide today that, “Yeah, actually that’s not suiting me anymore,” but you don’t crack it yet, you’re not failing.

You’ve just decided you want to change but it mightn’t be as simple as just stopping. It might take you listening to people, reading books about it, Googling people who have already done it, following people who have already done it, and over time it all being processed in your brain for the day that you’re going to finally stop.

So never get disheartened ever about the fact that you’re not immediately able to do something and think of it as a huge success that you’ve actually decided that you want to change, because that is as important as the day that you’ve fully changed. So go out there now and have a really great day and remember that you don’t need permission to have a laugh and relax and that nothing bad is going to happen if you let your shoulders down and have a good day. All you can do is your best. And once you do your best towards being kind to yourself, kind to others and working at doing your best in work and with your family and friends and loved ones, then you can let yourself off the hook and be happy.

All my love to you guys.

If you’ve any comments or thoughts on this, I would love to hear them

Jessica Cooke X


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Jessica Cooke

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When I'm not coaching, I love spending time with my family, playing pickleball, and reading. Every chance I can get, I'll take my two Miniature Schnauzers, Buster and Ozzy for a walk in nature.

  • Excellent piece of writing. Making my mind up to improve my sleep and exercise routine from right now and thank you so much.

  • Such a powerful and honest words! You captured it so well! I usually have a short attention span when it comes to reading but this one kept me going as lot of this resemble with me;-). Thank you Jessica this is super encouraging!

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