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Fear Kills Growth. Are You Ready For Change?

Fear kills growth yes it does, and you know what? Most of us don’t even know fear is stopping us. You assume fear is easy to spot. Like you’re giving a presentation and you know you’ll be scared in advance. Or you’re afraid of water… the simple basic stuff is easy to spot.

But what If I told you that fear can be hidden, and you could be sub-consciously sabotaging your success. Has it ever happened to you? You’re going great, you’re feeling good, you’re doing so well, and then BANG, you stop. And you think you’ve no idea why.

No one likes change. Change is scary. But big changes you can spot. Changing your habits, harder to spot what the problem is. So many of you blame a lack of motivation but it’s always deeper than that.

Fear of change is huge. I’m scared to give up drinking, I don’t know what will happen if I do.  I’m scared of losing weight. I’m scared of changing. I’m afraid of failing. Im afraid of looking silly. I’m afraid.

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Open your mind to what you’re telling yourself. Be more open to what the real problem may be. Change isn’t easy. It’s so tough, but so bloody rewarding.  The person you want to become, the person you truly are is there, ready and waiting for you to step up,

Hope this helps, comment below your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you.

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