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Are You Feeling Fed Up? Discover How To Take Back Control And Start To #FEELGOOD Again.

I used to feel fed up much more frequently than I do now. For me, it stems from being very hard on myself. I don’t even have to do very much ‘wrong’.

It can be the way I react to someone else too, that I manage to internalise it. Like if someones rude, I’ll end up being cross with myself, and thinking it’s somehow my fault, and I have to catch myself to remind myself that their problems aren’t my problems. 

I’m a lot better now, but what I’m trying to say is that I know how crappy it is to feel fed up, feeling you’re doing nothing right, and that if only you were like other people, you’d be sorted. The truth is, most of us have the same problems and insecurities, just not a lot of people share them. We try too hard to be OK.

I’ve experienced a lot of great stuff since by breakdown. I know what rock bottom is like, mental health wise, and I also know what it’s like to feel on top of the world, with massive peace of mind and great mental health. I’ve learned so many things, and I’ve spent a lot of money on personal development, my most expensive vice being Tony Robbins 🙂

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The steps to feeling good are really, really simple, when you strip away all the noise.

You find out your problems, like your real problems, and you start to address them. You discover where you’re at and where you actually want to be. You find out WHY you want to get there, without that part, you’re not going to have much drive to do it.

You get real with yourself, that’s one of the biggest things. No more lies to yourself about stuff.

You drink lots of water, and you workout. Walking is great but it doesn’t really unearth much emotion. Interval training and resistance training, (what I’ve been obsessed with ever since I built my company), gets lots of emotion out of you. Sounds strange but it gets you confront a lot of things, by actually sweating, pushing, pulling, putting your body through the paces. 

You quit alcohol mid week. That’s a big one. You go round in circles if you don’t address this. YOU journal, you get fresh air, you lack off too much caffeine. And yes, you’ll feel like CRAP for a while. You won’t sleep, you’ll be detoxing. YOu’ll be walking around fit to kill.

But then.

Then comes a massive wave of peace of mind and clarity over you. You feel really, really, really good. It takes about 3 weeks to start to feel this way. You feel amazing, you look healthier, and you feel in control of things again! You can then start to enjoy your weekends more, as they’re now separated from your week days.

It’s all there at your finger tips I promise, it’s the getting real with yourself and taking action at the start that’s the hardest part,

Hope this helps,

Jessica <3








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