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9 Health and Fitness Tips for Busy Women (very simple to follow)

Losing weight and getting fit, the right way, can be a slow process. If you’re not doing the right stuff, it can cause you to go around in circles. And when you feel like you’re going around in circles, the danger is you may quit.

Quitting is never the right thing to do. Going through the pain of failure is much better than giving up. Failure never lasts. Stopping and starting lasts. Quitting lasts, but failure never lasts.

When you’re failing, you’re going, you’re moving forward, maybe in the wrong direction for a while, but you’re moving. Over time, the course corrects itself, and you find yourself winning. It’s just a fact of life. Always, always stick with it. They say the time when you’re at breaking point, always comes just before a breakthrough. This has happened to me so many times.

So make sure you can tick a big YES to all of the tips I’ve listed below. If you can do that, you’re on the right track, it’s just a matter of time, before you start seeing results.  Remember results happen at different times for everyone, so don’t get dis-heartened and enjoy the process.

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  1. Eat breakfast every day. Make time for breakfast. 9 times out of 10, when I meet someone who struggles with their weight, they’re not making breakfast a non-negotiable. It doesn’t matter how busy you are , you should be up, showered, breakfast. If you can’t find two minutes to eat breakfast, you don’t have a life, or you’re not being straight with yourself. Set your alarm clock two minutes earlier than normal if you have to.
  2. Workout. Resistance with cardio. Golf, walking, swimming, all fab, but as you get older, ideally, to make your life easier, you’d add in some weight training. Even twice a week would do wonderful things for your body and mind.
  3. Know that late night snacking piles on the pounds. There’s no way around it, I’ve tried! After your dinner, best build up the habit of staying off the food until breakfast.
  4.  Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks every day, avoiding long gaps between meals. Long gaps between meals put you at risk of over-eating when you do eventually sit down. You may think it’s OK, as you ate so little during the day, but it rarely works out like that.
  5. Eat lots of fruit and veg, which are really good for you, and help fill you up, especially at dinner.
  6.  If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re probably best off laying off the pasta and rice for a while, and sticking to protein with lots of veg for dinner. Still make sure you get in good carbohydrates throughout the day.
  7. Avoid late nights, sleep at fixed timings. Same with getting up. Get up nice and early.
  8. Avoid mid-week alcohol. If you’re drinking more than two nights per week, you may want to address this.
  9. Get rid of the mid-week treats, like scones and biscuits. Anything at all that’s getting in the way of results, ask yourself, ‘is this worth it?’ Know that you can’t have it both ways, and you need to make a choice.

Hope this helps,

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