8 Tips That Will Have You Feeling Good In Lockdown #3

Lockdown number 3 is here. January is always tough with the short evenings and the post-Christmas feeling. Add to that this lockdown, the kids being off school, what we are all experiencing and listening to on the radio, and it makes for a rough time.

I understand how tough a time it is, and we are all affected. We closed down our physical gym in March and have moved completely online. We’re both working from home and have a 5 and a 7 year old, who should be in school. It’s tough and I know many people who have a much tougher situation.

But this is where we are.

And sometimes, the quicker we accept something, the better it is for our mental health. Spending most of our time on our solutions, and only 5% on our problems is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling ways I have found to live my life.

OK this is where we are, it’s terrible, now what can I do to make the day better?

From my experience of coaching my clients, here are some tips that are tried and tested that are really working for them:

Working out every week day;

For 30 minutes every week day, you do a combination of interval training, resistance training with core work. This will not only leave you feeling amazing, in control and with loads of energy, you’ll start to feel really good in your clothes too. You’ll feel really calm and in control, and you’ll feel really capable of everything throughout the day.

Walking every day ;

You get fresh air, peace and quiet and it’ll also compliment your workout really well. You’ll stretch out your muscles, and any aches and pains. Reconnecting with nature is such a grounding thing you can do for yourself. Even 10 minutes can be really beneficial.

Drinking two litres of water every day;

You hydrate and you feel good. You get dehydrated and you feel sluggish, tired, and de-motivated. Simple.

Planning your day around your workouts and walks;

Plan everything around these two key 30 minutes and watch how relaxed and happy you become.

Getting to bed at a set time and rising at a set time;

Boundaries and a schedule is one of the best things you can gift to yourself. When this slips, you start to go down a rocky road.

Get up early and go to bed by 10:30pm;

Staying up late is a dead duck, you only leave yourself tired for the next day. It’s a vicious cycle with zero reward. Make yourself tired with your workout and walk so you’re happy to go to bed.

Reading for 15-20 minutes before bed every week;

Calming and relaxing. Ditch the phone and read a good book.

Leaving alcohol and junk food to the weekends;

This is a no brainer. Feeling good and drinking alcohol don’t work and I have tried it! You can have one or the other. You can drink heavily or work on your health, you cannot have both, and this is a choice.

Like always, I hope this helps. I love to help women feel really good from the inside out. It is my life’s mission. Comment below if you’ve any questions or just want to say hi. Go to the free tools section of my website to grab lots of free stuff by clicking here.

To your success,

Jessica Cooke

About the author 

Jessica Cooke

I love drinking coffee, and my favourite thing in life (apart from my family) is to help women to get fit and break free from unhealthy habits holding them back. (oh, and also I love playing with my two Miniature Schnauzers, Buster and Ozzy)

I’ve now supported over 6,779 women over 14 years in my Thrive Coaching Program get fit and break free from unhealthy habits!

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