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5 (SUPER simple steps towards feeling good and creating long-lasting results (Get off the vicious cycle)!

I used to have it backwards! This is what I thought you had to do to lose weight, before I discovered the most life-changing, super, empowering way ever! I thought you had to calorie count, eat the bare minimum, diet, get on the weighing scales very often, compare my weight to others and figure out what I needed to be.

I thought I had to listen to other people tell me my correct BMI (that’s a load of shyte BTW), conform, take criticism on the chin, and generally work towards being as skinny as I could! If I did all that, I’d be happy. Super skinny and in control.


Fast forward 15 years and my dream for every single one of my clients, every woman on earth, is to feel really good about herself! And I know how to do that! And it’s so simple! So simple in fact, that I really don’t know why us women are subjected to so much crap when we’re younger. I was in a shop the other day and an anti-ageing ad came on, and I literally just though to myself ‘Jesus, will you give us a break’.. and I laughed. Because I don’t care. There’s bigger fish to fry. Like loving life, getting the very most out of it. and developing un-shakeable self-confidence in yourself… and jeez, aren’t we so lucky that we get to grow old?

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So how do we work towards a healthier lifestyle and feeling good?

Get off the weighing scales.

Why are you on them in the first place? Your clothes are tight? OK, we’ve got work to do. They’re feeling good? Great, lets focus on a maintenance plan. The weighing scales only hold you back.

You judge yourself when you get on them. You let them ruin your day. They can even change your habits for the day! Have you ever got on a scales and then because you weren’t happy with what they said, you started to slightly de-rail? Start eating badly?

You get in such bad form , you don’t workout and you eat a pack of biscuits when you’re home from work?  The truth is, it doesn’t really matter what you weigh. What matters is your health, how you feel about yourself, and if you feel great in your clothes. Hoping up on to the scales is de-motivating, pointless and obsessive. It keeps you focused on weight loss 24/7, instead of focusing on all the lovely positives that you get from adopting a healthier lifestyle. Get rid, dump them, liberate yourself.

Forget dieting or cutting out big food groups.

Limiting carbs dramatically, going on a fad diet and eating meal replacements, are not fixing the root of the problem, as to why you may be over-eating. Dieting does not make you #feelgood. Can you stick with things that make you feel bad long term?  Have you ever done a diet and kept the weight off? Does dieting make you feel good? Do you get hungry when you diet? Cutting calories aggressively, taking shakes, using meal replacements is a waste if time and effort. You’ll put the weight back on. But more than that, you’ll view yourself as a failure when you put the weight back on, or can’t sustain the diet. And that is so damaging to your future self.

Workout to #FEELGOOD.

You need a strong reason to workout, or you won’t stick with it. Working out to lose weight will not help your motivation when its lashing rain outside and you don’t want to go to your workout. When I shifted my thought process from working out to lose weight, to working out to beat stress, I’ve kept the habit of working out out permanently. It’s easy to get dis-heartened when you focus on working out to lose weight, but if you treat exercise like medicine, your chances of success improve dramatically.

Working out to #feelgood and to reduce stress keep your focused on the benefits of exercise, and keep your reason for not quitting, so much stronger.

Start the day with a really good routine.

Stop snoozing and get up when the alarm goes off. That’s you taking control, which is going to leave you feeling very much in control. Get up 10 minutes earlier than you need to, and this will totally transform your mornings from re-action, to action. This simple step has powerful results.

Focus on your daily habits, not on your results.

Yes, it’s really super to set goals. It’s even better to look at these goals every day. But to check on your results daily/weekly is way too much. That’ll only de-rail you, disappoint you, and leave you vulnerable to quitting. A few healthy weeks under your belt isn’t enough. keep striving forward. Keep focused on your progression. Keep focused on the daily habits you are doing, that will get you where you want to be. By focusing on your habits, you’ll be much more in tune to what is serving you, and what is not.

Achieving any goal, if it’s a big enough goal, is tough. It’ll com with lots of failures. You’ve got to get comfortable with failing. You’ve got to not let the setbacks totally de-rail you. You can have what you want if you’re willing to do what it takes to get you there.

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