Welcome to Your 5 Day Thrive Challenge

How to get the most out of your Thrive Challenge

If you feel unfit and want to break free from unhealthy habits, this challenge for you. 

If you know that something needs to change, and you want to get fitter for yourself, and for those around you - so you can get the most out of everything life has to offer, then this challenge for you.

If you're going around in circles, never really getting anywhere ,always landing back at square one, this challenge is for you.

It's a short challenge, yet don't underestimate the power behind the practices here. Make no mistake, if you take this seriously, it could mean that start of something incredibly rewarding and enriching for you. That's been my experience.

You're going to do something brand new, a framework that I've developed over 16 years helping women over 40 to Thrive.

With Thrive Time, you'll break free from unhealthy habits and get fit. You can say goodbye to the constraints of diet culture; there's no more need for calorie counting, weighing yourself, or endless hours at the gym.

Thrive Time comprises two parts: ThriveBody™ and ThriveMind™.

ThriveMind™ guides you to turn inward, reducing stress, overwhelm, and negative self-talk, while while helping you to reconnect with yourself.

ThriveBody™ represents the movement aspect of Thrive Time. It will make you fit, strong, and feeling fantastic. Together, you'll be unstoppable. With abundant energy and a tremendous sense of well-being, implementing healthy habits will become second nature when you commit to your Thrive time.

A couple of guidelines for you to get the most out of this... there aren't many but they'll help...

1) Before you do any exercise, it's wise to consult a doctor, and make sure you're up to it. All the workouts are meant to be done at your own pace - don't push it or overdo it. Consistency is much more important than sporadic effort.

2) Take part! Buying a book isn't the same as reading a book. If you don't show up and spend the little time and effort it takes to do this, then don't expect anything to change for you.

3) This challenge is entirely free for you enjoy, yet if you do find yourself enjoying it, please do let me know - just shoot me a quick email at jessica@jessicacooke.ie. That way, I'll know it was worthwhile spreading the word.

4) Enjoy it, and do it again as many times as you like. Would you believe that if you simply repeated this challenge three times a month for the next 6 months, you would be practically unrecognisable to yourself in almost every way?

5) Suggested order for each Thrive Time: First, watch the Message of the day, then complete your ThriveBody, and finally finish off with your ThriveMind™.

Day 1: Thrive Time

Today's Message

Today's ThriveBody™ 

Today's ThriveMind™

Day 2: Thrive Time

GO FOR 10-30 minute Walk In FRESH AIR

Day 3: Thrive Time

Today's Message

Today's ThriveBody™

Today's ThriveMind™

Day 4


Day 5: Thrive Time

Today's Message

Today's ThriveBody™

Today's ThriveMind™

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