ATTENTION: Busy Women Aged 35 - 50 With No Time to Weigh Food, No Time For Long Workouts, And ABSOLUTELY No Time For Fads, Gimmicks or Fake 'Fixes' of Any Kind

Love The Way You Look &
Feel Amazing In Your Clothes...

 ...with this BREAKTHROUGH 30 Day Challenge That Transforms Your Fitness, Health, Energy & Confidence - Permanently... In Just 16 Minutes A Day!

(I know you think you’ve heard all this before… just wait ‘til you see the INCREDIBLE proof...)

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I feel like my energy can be quite low
  • I don't like the way my clothes fit any more
  • I often feel tired throughout the day
  • I feel older than the age on my drivers licence
  • I sometimes feel out of control of my own life
  • I often choose clothes that hide the way I look
  • I don't sleep as well as I feel I should
  • I'm carrying at least a couple of extra pounds I'd prefer were gone
  • I occasionally find everyday tasks like carrying the shopping difficult
  • I regularly feel stressed... sometimes even down or depressed


From: Jessica 'The #FEELGOOD Coach' Cooke
Owner, Inspire Fitness

Dear Busy Friend,

You’ve done it all. And I get it because I've been there.

Juggled the demands of your career while taking care of all the other commitments in your life.

Worn all the hats those around you expect of you. Lost the same ten pounds ten times. And stayed awake countless nights, worrying about everyone else but you.

Sometimes you feel like all the demands on your time - the daily grind - is sucking you dry. Sometimes you wake up so drained and exhausted that you can barely get yourself out of bed.

With all these drains on your time and energy, how are you supposed to find time to care for your health?

Well, I have some good news for you. Staying healthy and full of energy is a lot easier than you think. And in the next few paragraphs, you’re going to learn exactly how to do it…

But before that...

Imagine yourself a short time from today… you’re YOU... but different...

You carry yourself taller, somehow, and possess that rare inner smile that only comes with unshakeable self-confidence and pride in your appearance.

Your clothes fit better (you don’t hate shopping any more), and you’ve increasingly been getting compliments on how great you look. Others ask “Have you done something different with your hair..?”, or “Have you been working out..?”

You’ve completely stopped choosing your clothes in the morning on the basis that they’re black and they cover you up.

You’ve started to react in a new way too - this is a new feeling - when things go ‘wrong’. You’re in control now - at work, or with the kids - and nothing phases or panics you like it used to. You’ve got both hands on the wheel and life’s going your way.

Looking in the mirror is something that you do several times a day, and you have a great relationship with (love even) the woman you see there.


Maybe you feel that way already, today.

But if you don’t,

I’m going to show you how you can get there - in less time that you could dream of.

In fact, I’m going to GUARANTEE you a complete body and mind transformation...

... and all you need is 16 minutes per day.

You see, the amazing thing, of course, is the speed at which the system I've developed for you works. It's remarkable to rid yourself of pounds of fat and fluid within the very first week.

No long hours at the gym not really knowing what you're doing. No treadmills! No intimidating machines! No guesswork!

Yes, just 16 minutes per day. Really!

Just imagine how it must feel to drop pounds, shrink your waistline, and begin to develop lasting body confidence within as little as two short weeks.

More on that in a moment . . . because I want to share a story with you...

Party in Paris...

You see back in 2005, when I was in my mid-twenties, I lived in Paris for a little over two years.

Those who know me, know I like to party and in Paris, I partied very hard . . . like a lot of people that age, and I burned the candle at both ends.

Yes, I drank too much, but I also got involved in a toxic relationship… an abusive relationship.

In short, over a period of months, the man I was with gradually tore me down, isolated me from friends, and eroded every sense of self-confidence I’d held.

I became overweight, but that was the least of it.

Over time, I developed a nagging, repetitive internal dialog that was always there.

“I’m useless.”, “I’m ugly.”, “I’m worthless”, “Everyone’s laughing at me”.

On repeat. Day after day like a rat in my brain.

I was utterly blinded to the beauty of Paris and the opportunities - and beauty - around me.

All I could do was look internally with loathing.

My friends sensed I was changing, and one by one they made their excuses and drifted away.

I was totally alone, and regular panic attacks finally culminated in a full, painful, drawn-out nervous breakdown.

Confidence shattered. Disoriented. Confused. Paranoid. Ashamed. Broken. Alone.
I was completely lost.

Hand on heart, it was the system I’m about to reveal to you that pulled me through and out of that dark time.

Thirteen years on, I’m happy to say I’m no longer defined by a lack of confidence, low self-esteem.

And I’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way.

Let me explain...

What I've Found By Losing My Way

Feeling good means different things different people.

What about YOU?

Magazines, TV, big business - social media - all want you to believe that feeling good is dependent on having a number of complex things JUST RIGHT, and that to earn the right to feel good about yourself...

I'm here to tell you that that's a load of BULL!

  • You do NOT have to conform to a certain size
  • You do NOT need to count your calories
  • You do NOT need to weigh your food
  • You don't HAVE to try the latest gimmicky diet
  • You don't have to take the latest wonder-supplement
  • You simply don't need the latest lip-gloss/handbag/shoes to feel good about yourself
  • In short... you don't need to buy their product to be happy!

That kind of thinking leads to obsession, and for me that's the exact opposite of #FEELGOOD.

And the truth is so much simpler than that.

For me feeling truly good about myself is about confidence and self-acceptance.

I’m Jessica Cooke, The #FEELGOOD Coach, and more importantly, somebody who can now look in the mirror, and hand on heart, be proud and fully accept the person looking back at me.

For ten years I’ve been helping Galway women - local to me - lose weight, get fit and feel great though my in-house #FEELGOOD programs, much faster and with better results than any regular gym or fad diet out there.

You might be asking what’s the secret behind this transformation? Or what happened to change me from one to the other?

Well stay tuned…

because I’m about to share with you the EXACT program I use weekly to keep my heart pumping, my mind alert and my confidence at peak levels.


And you can have that too, within a couple of short weeks of following the SIMPLE plan you’ll soon have in your hands.

In Over Ten years, I've Seen It All... 

Since 2008 my team and I have trained 3769 women (and counting), just like you, to turn their lifestyles around ‘180°’.

This is a personal business, and I’ve developed personal relationships with each and everyone of these terrific women.

Women who come to us are sick and tired of . . .  

Here Are The 9 Issues I Hear From Women All The Time...

  • 1
    Popping a fistful of vitamins (or worse) every day and still not feeling better
  • 2
    Fearing the health implications of aging and leaving themselves vulnerable to hereditary pre-dispositions
  • 3
    Painfully low energy with zero "get-up-and-go"
  • 4
    Yo-yo diets or mainstream 'systems' like Slimming World or Weight Watchers that have put them right back at square one
  • 5
    Not being able to look at themselves ‘square on’ in the mirror
  • 6
    Putting out the welcome mat for every flu, bug and virus
  • 7
    Feeling sluggish and 'down' and accepting that having ZERO energy is the norm
  • 8
    Blood pressure medicines that zap energy and drain motivation
  • 9
    ...and hiding themselves under dark and baggy clothes just to feel comfortable enough go outside.

Maybe you can relate with one, two... or all of the issues when thinking about your own situation which is why I’m dedicated to helping you transform your fitness, body, confidence and mindset with this 30 Day #FEELGOOD Challenge I've developed for you.

However, there's a LOT of bad information out there.

Client Spotlight #1

Tess Ames

Working 70 hours a week in a stressful job was already pushing Tess to her emotional and physical limits. Her dad's sudden ill-health and eventual passing following a coma and then bone-marrow transplant left her devastated, with her life in chaos.

In the 4 stressful years that followed, Tess slept poorly, often managing only 2 - 3 hours per night, comfort-ate on takeaways and junk food, and suffered regular bouts of depression. Her weight slowly crept up as she added over 90lbs extra body weight.

Yet for Tess, the weight she carried was much more than the physical weight she could see when she looked in the mirror. She felt stuck, her confidence shattered and self-esteem broken. She couldn't play with her nieces and nephews and even got winded climbing a single flight of stairs.

'I felt shame if someone saw me eating at a restaurant. "Oh, look at the fat American, I bet she'll order the large chips!" I hoped they weren't really thinking that...but what if they were? It was awful. I was depressed, and my husband was just as unhealthy and we desperately needed a change. All we wanted was to build a healthy family life together, but it seemed impossible back then. I was on such an unhealthy path.'

Since doing the 30 Day #FEELGOOD Challenge, things have turned around completely for Tess...

'I'm so happy - the other day I bumped into someone and I had a bag of groceries, and I didn't feel shame. I know it's silly, but I was literally ashamed to exist outside of my house before. My thighs took too much space on the bus. My shoulders were so broad. How dare I exist? Now, even though I actually have thicker thighs, and my shoulders are just as broad, I'm content. This body is amazing. I ran a 10K for f*** sake. My body is MOVING and CAPABLE and I love every bit of it. I just feel like I'm ready to handle things that come my way, and also like I have a better understanding of when I need to decide NOT to agree to things. Don't like my job? Find a different one. Not feeling good about what I ate? Don't do it again. I'm done beating myself up. Instead, I remember to thank myself for doing so much, and trying so hard.'

'I've lost 12.5 inches so far, yet I've gained self-respect, hope and excitement about life!'

Client Spotlight #2

Deirdre Graham

When Deirdre turned 40 a couple of years back, she realised than any level of fitness she had, was gone after three children and working full time in a busy hospital role for the past 20 years.

She felt that she wanted to regain her fitness, yet also wanted something 'back for herself'. Years of looking after children at home, and others at work, meant she'd neglected to take care of herself for years.

Now that the kids were older, she suddenly realised that she was wearing clothes that weren't fitting her right any more, and that she just wasn't comfortable... her self-esteem and confidence had taken a big hit. She also suffered from energy peaks and troughs throughout the day which affected her mood, outlook and output.

After the programme, Deirdre has gained a huge boost in self-confidence and she's experienced a lot of positive life changes arising from this improved self-esteem. She's started a new job, enrolled back in third level education to gain an additional professional qualification... not to mention the 20 inches lost and over two dress sizes dropped!

She'll tell you that her fitness levels are higher than ever and her improved and consistent energy levels mean she can now run rings around the kids without puffing and panting or getting out of breath.

'Even though I'm a paediatric nurse, I loved the nutrition advice and the guidance around eating and I learned a lot... what you should be eating, what you shouldn't be eating, and the practical advice on how to get back on track if you've had a couple of bad days, food-wise.'

The 3 Biggest Weight Loss Myths

  • 1
    Extreme Diets Work. NOT TRUE! In fact, extreme
    dieting can be harmful to your health. When your body is deprived of food, two things automatically kick in: One, your metabolic rate slows down to make up for fewer calories; and two, your desire to binge increases. In addition, extreme dieting may lead to the bloating of fat cells, shrinking of muscle cells, accumulation of toxic fats and fatigue.
  • 2
    Counting calories is the best way to lose weight. NOT SO! Most people think the best way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories. But this actually promotes the “yo-yo” effect of starvation diets. You lose some weight, only to gain it back—and more—soon after. Besides... counting calories is boring!
  • 3
    It’s impossible to lose weight successfully and maintain it. DON’T BELIEVE IT. You can lose weight—and maintain it - in only 16 minutes a day, by using my 30 Day #FEELGOOD Challenge. Women like you are proving it everywhere.


More About The 30 Day #FEELGOOD Challenge

Now I’m saying it’s simple and that’s true, but don’t expect it to be easy!

Changing major life habits is HARD, and although I’ve designed it so that it’s not too much of a shock to the system, it will take effort and focus if you want to truly change your lifestyle for the better, long-term.

It’s standalone, meaning that bar some accompanying how-to workout videos, the plan you’ll have in your hands within minutes, is complete and contains everything you need to reach and surpass your goals.

Even though this is a 30 day initial plan, you need only repeat - as many times as are necessary - to achieve the level of fitness/weight loss/dress size you desire.


Roughly calculating it right now... I’ve repeated a variation of this plan (with evolution over time), over 67 times in the last 5 years!


It’s helped me lose the weight from two pregnancies and supported me through a pretty severe bout of postnatal depression after I had my little girl.

If the idea of repetition sounds boring, I’m sorry. What many women don’t GET is that success is often the result of doing the small stuff consistently, and rarely, if ever, the result of some grand action.

Nowhere is this more relevant than when it comes to taking care of your own health and fitness.

You know by now that weight loss programs that promise results overnight aren't REAL.

What I am proposing is an effective, simple, program that allows YOU control over your body and life by working out just 16 minutes at a time.

You decide whether you want to do it for 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 6 months, or as long as you need to get the results, mind, outlook, confidence you want.

If you can make consistency your friend and accept that to get where you want to be you’ll have to be ‘good’ more than you’re ‘bad’, you’ll be so much happier and more content in this journey, your results will soar, and your body and mind will thank you for it!

Be warned though... my 30 Day #FEELGOOD Challenge is life-changing, just like it was for so many women such as Joanna...


"No restrictions, just healthy balance"

"I was getting married and I wanted to be in the best shape I could, and to feel good on my wedding day... like every bride I suppose.

My fitness has drastically improved, and I'm down two dress sizes.

But more than that, my attitude toward fitness and diet has completely changed and I'm a much more positive person.

I loved that there were no restrictions and the focus was on healthy balance.

My advice to anyone considering the 30 Day #FEELGOOD Challenge would be to definitely give it a go- you'll probably surprise yourself!"

Here's more of what you can expect in the weeks ahead...

  • Dramatic increase in energy - you'll sleep better and start waking naturally (then gradually before your alarm clock)
  • Your clothes will fit a better and they'll just sit 'right' (shopping for new ones will become more fun too!)
  • You'll begin to hear "You're looking great", or "Have you done something different?", even if getting a compliment is a rarity right now.
  • check
    Your self-image will improve, which attracts confidence. This new confidence will help you over time look on yourself with kind eyes.
  • check
    Start taking care of you and your health (but this time with more calm and control juggling the other 1001 things in your life)
  • check
    Look (and feel) great in your clothes - even if the thought of putting some of them on fills you with dread right now
  • check
    Develop unshakable self-confidence by setting and surpassing your goals with incredible support from a online community that truly cares about YOU
  • check
    Harness the power of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to accelerate your weight loss efforts
  • check
    Finally understand HIIT, and discover how it can help you burn stubborn fat and fire up your metabolism... even when you're not working out!
  • check
    Ease stiff, sore joints and improve flexibility and comfort
  • check
    Keep your cholesterol in a healthy, normal range
  • check
    Support healthy blood sugar levels with our nutrition plan, the safe and natural way
  • check
    Boost your heart, while supporting healthy circulation
  • check
    Banish "love handles" and unsightly bulges and get noticed again
  • check
    Fatty deposits disappearing and extra pounds fading away
  • check
    Supercharge your energy the natural way and feel alive again
  • check
    "Re-set" your metabolism and burn off stubborn fat like magic
  • check
    Get complimented again and fit back in clothes you haven't worn in years
  • check
    Trouble areas like thighs, hips and rear slimming down, fast.
  • check
    You'll feel great and look terrific in your favourite clothes again
  • check
    You'll feel secure whether you're wearing short sleeves or swimsuit.
  • check
    Overall health gets supercharged, so you'll feel like you've got energy to burn
  • check
    Look, feel & perform like you're years younger, in only 16 minutes a day


"... amazing things started to happen!"

'I started the program because I wanted to lose weight, get fit, and build healthy habits.

A lack of motivation and a lack of accountability had being holding me back, to achieve my goals on my own.

I struggled with yo-yo dieting for years, was calorie counting, and had tried various gyms.

When I started with us, I was scared of change, and was concerned that there would have to be a big change in diet.

I found it difficult to remember to keep a food diary, and found it challenging to adopt some of the healthy habits in our program.

But once she got past the first few weeks, amazing things started to happen.

I've lost 9.5 inches so far and my confidence has hugely improved'

A Strong Heart Means No Limits!

In 2015, Dr. Howard Knuttgen of Harvard Medical School published that interval training "builds cardiovascular fitness with shorter workouts", adding that workouts of 15 - 20 minutes were optimal.

"Three days a week is a good recommendation - more if you can, but not much less and definitely not just once a week," Knuttgen says. "As fitness improves, you should feel better, with greater endurance and more get-up-and-go."

Imagine keeping a strong, healthy heart your entire life...

You'd be free to live life on your terms. Picture yourself...

  • Trekking hills or walking forest paths - effortlessly - soaking up nature's grandeur
  • Taking up a sport you always wanted to play
  • Spending time on your favourite hobby or pastime
  • check
    Keeping up easily with your kids (or shocking them when you outrun them!)
  • check
    Having more fun than you've had in years!

​​​​Imagine automatically burning more calories, turning fat cells into 100% pure energy, controlling your appetite and having less cravings...

What would this mean to you?

Anne Marie

"I'm really enjoying life right now..."

"Before I was constantly see-sawing...

Christmas would come, holidays would come, and my clothes wouldn't fit properly.

Not feeling healthy was beginning to seem 'normal', and I knew little or none of the key information that becomes vital in taking care of your body as you age... like the importance of resistance for retaining healthy muscle mass... nobody tells you this stuff!

Now I feel more confident, and it's a different actually feel it. And that naturally transfers to other areas of your life... not just here.

I'm really enjoying life right now."

You'd be thrilled how you look in the mirror. You'll love trying on those new jeans or that new dress. You'll make your special someone say "Wow!" You'll turn heads again, and believe me, that's one of the greatest feelings in the world.

How is all this possible?

Let me show you how...

Here's Everything You Get With
The 30 Day #FEELGOOD Challenge

My 'Top-secret' 4x4 Workout System

This is the ‘secret sauce’ that accelerates your results to ‘incredible’ faster than you can say ‘Wow!’ Without this one key ‘insider secret’, you’re back to counting calories and trudging treadmills for hours at the gym.

Nothing is left to chance. You'll get the full program of complete fat-blasting, stress-busting HIIT workouts, each taking only 16 minutes to complete.

But much more than that...

I'll share with you the simple process that'll allow you effortlessly create your very own workouts at home within seconds, so you'll never, ever get bored. In fact, you never need do the same workout twice.

  • Full HIIT Workout Library, each taking only 16 minutes: Remember, these are the exact workouts I use myself and with my clients, daily, and I swear by them.
  • Workout Template System: Easily design your own workouts so you'll never have to do the same workout again.
  • Workout How-To Video Series: Get detailed video instructions on exactly how to perform each workout exercise safely and correctly sent to you automatically.

'Metabolism-boosting' 30 Day #FEELGOOD Meal Plan

Ever wondered what you should... or shouldn't be eating?

Yeah, me too.

You can say goodbye to any confusion right now. No guesswork, no doubt. I'll tell you exactly what to eat for the complete program. No weighing food, no macro BS - you’ll simply know what to eat and when.

And what to avoid so you’re always moving forward.

  • Complete Meal Plan Recipe Library: We don't just show you what to eat, we show you exactly how to cook it. These recipes are perfectly balanced to support you during the program, and delicious and wholesome enough for all the family.
  • Shopping Lists: Each week, you'll take a done-for-you shopping list to your local supermarket to make shopping a breeze. You won't even have to think about it.
  • Recipe How-To Video Series: Some of us don't really enjoy cooking as much as others (guilty)... get step-by-step, foolproof and detailed cooking instructions for many of our recipes.

But that's not all... As an Early Bird,
you'll also get 5 FREE Bonuses

Bonus #1

FREE Membership to our in-house Inspire Fitness Foundation Nutrition Program Online (Valued at €195.00)

  • Usually reserved only for our in-house clients on higher level programs
  • Hundred of healthy, wholesome and delicious recipes perfect for just you, or for scaling up for all the family
  • Vegetarian options if you don't eat meat but still love delicious, balanced meals.

Bonus #2

FREE Additional Bonus Library of Video Workouts  (Valued at €47.00)

  • Extra HIIT workouts to give you even more variation
  • Perfect to do at home, on holiday. Do anywhere with little or no equipment required
  • Access these video workouts on laptop, tablet or phone from anywhere in the world you can find an internet connection

Bonus #3

FREE Client Success Pack Posted To Your Home Address   (Valued at €35.00)

  • One exclusive limited edition #FEELGOOD t-shirt - this technical top is designed to draw moisture away from you during exercise - perfect for your workouts
  • One #FEELGOOD notebook for you to track your progression (remember what gets measured, gets done!)
  • Three affirmation reminder wallets cards. Take your most impactful affirmations with you wherever you go
  • Priming worksheet - this priming exercise is the exact routine Tony Robbins completes each morning - now it's yours to ensure your mornings become the new favourite part of your day.

Bonus #4

FREE Access To Our Special 30 Day #FEELGOOD Challenge Facebook Group   (Valued at €99.00/yr)

  • Meet other women just like you - and share the inevitable ups and downs that WILL happen along he way.
  • Gain support & strength from those going through the exact same struggles you are, and celebrate your successes with those who truly understand.
  • Fast-track your results by tapping into a rich resource of online files, recipes, guides and plans shared among our online community.

That's a total extra value of €376

Early Bird Special...€130 €97

That means YOU Save a Further €33 and

Get the 4 FREE Bonuses Worth €376

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This isn’t a gimmick.

Once the Early Bird special is over, it’s over!

PLUS, you get my personal, unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.


"The Best News Yet Is That You Can Try This Amazing Breakthrough Program Without Risking One Penny!"

Before you switch off... and think "oh no, here we go again, I hate working out", hear me out!

My 30 Day #FEELGOOD Challenge is different.

We’ve tested this plan on so many women - in-house - now, I’m CERTAIN of its success for you.

I've been in your shoes before and I hate trusting someone and getting taken. I tried for years to lose weight, and bought every gym membership and fad diet out there. I understand you may be skeptical.

There are a lot of con-artists out there that just want your money and run - not me!

I totally 'get' that this may be a leap of faith, so I want to make it really easy for you...

You're Protected By My Ironclad

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your Guarantee: You have 2 full months to examine everything, and to use what you wish. Try the workouts, sample the delicious, family-friendly recipes, engage with your new Facebook community. If for any reason or even no reason at all, you want a full refund, just email me directly at and you’ll get your money back immediately. NO questions asked. You do not need a “my dog ate my homework” story. No questions, no hassle, no fine print. Incidentally, I am devoted to helping you #FEELGOOD, and working with satisfied customers. If you are not going to benefit from the 30 Day #FEELGOOD Challenge, I'd prefer to buy it back.

Yes Jessica!

I Want To Join The #FEELGOOD Lifestyle 180° Program and Discover The Key Concepts Behind Lasting Health

Here's What I'll Get Instant Access to:

  • My 'Top-secret' 4x4 Workout System which is packed full of 16 minute workouts that will turn me into a fat incinerating furnace
  • 30 Day Complete Meal Plan so I know EXACTLY what to eat and when to eat it for maximum results in minimum time
  • FREE Membership to the Inspire Fitness Foundation Nutrition Program Online (Valued at €195.00)
  • check
    FREE Additional Bonus Library of Video Workouts (Valued at €47.00)
  • check
    FREE Client Success Pack Posted To Your Home Address - including t-shirt, notebook and sports bag (Valued at €35.00)
  • check
    FREE Access To Our Special 30 Day #FEELGOOD Challenge Facebook Group (Valued at €99.00/yr)
  • check
    Yes, I’m ready! Please send me the "30 Day #FEELGOOD Challenge Program” so I can immediately begin to lose weight, improve my body confidence, and develop a better relationship with myself

"30 Day #FEELGOOD Challenge" Program

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I look forward to welcoming you to our inner circle Facebook group and supporting you every step of the way.

Jessica Cooke

Dedicated to helping you #FEELGOOD,

Jessica's Signature

Jessica Cooke, The #FEELGOOD Coach

P.S. Picture yourself 30 days from now if you fail to reach out and grab this opportunity… most likely you’ll be stuck in the exact same rut you’re in now, scouring the internet for the next quick fix, or fad diet - which you already know - deep down - never works!

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