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THE 21 DAY FIT & CALM CHALLENGE for women over 40

Say hello to Your Complete 21 Day Fit & Calm Challenge

Join me on this 21 day Challenge, which will transform your fitness and health, while developing your inner peace and calm.

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Jessica Cooke

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'The "Is It Right For Me" Questionnaire'

The 21 Day Fit & Calm Challenge Is Right For You, If...

  • You're over 40 and you want to improve your fitness and health generally, yet you don't know where to start
  • You've heard lots of information that you should be lifting weights, yet I definitely don't know where to start there.  Maybe you're concerned you'll 'bulk' up. 
  • You've realised that you need a kickstart to help - not knowing where to start is making you feel a little out of control and you're wise enough to realise that asking for help is a good idea
  • You're not as fit as you used to be, and you want to get at least some of that fitness back.
  • You're not sure exactly what types of exercise you should be doing, and which exercises are the most effective. You don't know what will work for you.
  • You want to maximise the results you get, yet minimise the time you spend working out.
  • You've been focusing too much, naturally, on the needs of other people in your life, and now you realise it's time to focus on you, or pay the price later
  • You've tried diets, fads and gym memberships (often wasting money) yet they don't offer the results or the support that you need
  • Your confidence has taken a hit. You hide yourself in baggy clothes, don't like how you look in photos and you want to change that
  • You want to be proud of how you look, and more importantly how you feel in your clothes - to hold your head high and feel confident in your appearance.
  • You want to build your strength, mental resilience, calm and inner peace, so you can walk tall and allow life's knocks to deflect off you.
  • You want to act now, because you realise that putting your health and fitness off today, means painful and costly ill-health in future
  • You're prepared to be coached and held accountable to the goals you set yourself.
  • You want to meet and interact with other women just like you, going through many of the same things you are

If you can relate to even just a few of those, then this 21 Day Fit & Calm Challenge is designed specifically for you!

When you’re a woman over 40, It’s not about spending hours on the treadmill, weighing yourself or dieting anymore. It’s about getting fit and strong, nourishing and taking care of your body, while developing your inner peace and calm.

You don't need to do hours at the gym, in fact that’s the worst thing you could do as you’ll end up spinning your wheels, wasting time and getting frustrated that you’re not seeing any results.

When it comes to your fitness, as a woman over 40, getting strong and fit is key. Lifting weights is the ultimate key to your fitness and healthy success. When I started to lift weights, I dropped two dress sizes. The changes you can make to your body and physical health are transformative, all in a short space of time. In fact, 30 minutes, 3 times per week is all you need.

I’ll guide you every step of the way with my real time 30 minute workouts designed for women, just like you, over 40, who want to be fit and healthy and feel great. 

Health Isn't Just About Fitness

It’s also about developing your inner peace and calm so you can deal with life, its setbacks and challenges.

You’ll also follow my Thrive Time, which is a combination of Affirmations, Silence, Guided meditation and journaling. Feeling at peace with yourself and the world is the most wonderful feeling. You no longer need to allow feelings of stress and overwhelm take over. You can feel a deep sense of contentment with the present moment, with a little bit of practice.

What's Included?

How You'll Be Guided Through This 21 Day Fit & Calm Challenge

Let me be clear right now... I'm going to be holding your hand throughout this 21 day program. It's really easy to follow along with me, as you move through each day! 

The 21 Day fit & Calm Challenge 6-Step Framework

Your Workouts

If you’re a woman over 40 and don’t know where to start, or how to lift weights, or to get the most out of your fitness regime to get fit, healthy and feel great, I have you covered.

I will guide you through 21 Days of workouts, whether you're a complete beginner, or a little further along the way, I have your back. Each workout is packed full of modifications, all the workouts are low impact and I’ll coax and guide you through each one… all you have to do is press play and follow along.


Your Thrive Time

Do you ever feel stressed out and overwhelmed? Are you ever left feeling that you wish you were more relaxed and happy? 21 Days of my real time, follow along Thrive Time, will leave you with a deep sense of calm.

Each Thrive Time is only 10 minutes long, you can do it anywhere and anytime during the day (just maybe not when you’re driving). You’ll gain a consistent feeling of clarity and focus. I’m so excited for you. This part changed my life and I can’t believe I get to share it with you.

Thrive Time

Your Daily Message

Are you like me, in the sense, does it help to have a positive little message in your ear every day, to help you along ? I’ve created a daily message for you, to help keep the motivation and sense of belonging high and you move through this 21 days with me.

What I find works for me is when I stay tuned into positive happy messages, it keeps me going, that's what my thinking was behind this… think of me as your cheerleader, cheering you on from the side of the pitch every single day.

Daily Message

Your Flexibility

Do you groan when you get up from your chair? Do aches and pains keep you awake at night? Come stretch with me every day after your workout and let's get your lovely flexibility and mobility back into your body and your life.


Your Self-Care

Are you unsure what healthy habits to follow when it comes to your nutrition? What about your morning and bedtime routine? Say goodbye to uncertainty and frustration. Learn  everything you need to create really healthy habits in your week that will set up for success. You're going to feel so good! And Yesss, we will still be having our treat nights :-)


Accountability &

We're going to hold your hand every step of the way in this 21 Day Challenge. Join Jessica in her private members-only group where she'll lead live Q&As, motivational videos, and connecting with you every day to ensure you stay consistent & motivated throughout your 21 days with her.


Complete this 21 Days feeling fit, healthy, calm and peaceful. Connect with your body and mind and watch how good you will start to feel. Life will become easier to manage. You’ll feel more in control. You’ll notice how fit you are as you take a flight of stairs, or carry the shopping or lift the armchair. You’ll notice how you react to things with more peace and calm. It feels so good, I’m so excited for you, Jessica X

Don’t Wait! Look What Other Women Are Saying About My Programs

"I’d never having done anything online at home before.

I'm feeling fitter, stronger physically and calmer in myself. The biggest change to my life has been a consistent start to my day with the workouts and the individual and group coaching has been wonderful."

Rosemarie Casserly

"I waited 5 years before giving this a go. Now I've more energy and I feel fantastic. I can really see the benefit of online training. I no longer worry about my fitness. I used to be so stiff and tired all the time. I'm not dreading the next 'roundy' birthday, I'm going to look forward to the fact that for a "woman of that age" I'm doing all right."

Isabella Coffey

"Working out from home with Jessica has completely changed my outlook to fitness. It is now part of my day and has become a habit, a good habit - before I did not make any time for fitness, now it’s scheduled in my day .For the first time in years, I am feeling fitter - I am feeling stronger - I have more energy and I generally just feel better about myself."

Jacinta Dalton

Join Today Absolutely Risk-Free

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like my life-changing 21 Day Fit & Calm Challenge, you can get a full refund anytime within 7 days after your purchase. Simply contact my friendly support team ay support@jessicacooke.ie and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or issue you with a swift refund. You won't meet any resistance - if you're not happy, you shouldn't have to pay.



I'm Also Throwing In These Incredible Bonuses

BonuS 01

LIVE Weekly Q&A with Jessica

Every week Jessica will be hosting a love Q&A exclusive only to 21 Day Challengers. These Q&A’s are jam packed full of information that will help you get the quickest path to success.


Weekly Mindset Sessions with Jessica

Three times per week, Jessica will be hosting a 15 minute mindset session, aimed to keep you motivated and consistent throughout the 21 days


3 LIVE Masterclass sessions with Jessica.

These LIVE sessions will help you quickly and easily implement the 21 day Strategies and habits into your life. Get the most out of your fitness and health program by achieving maximum results in minimum time.


Journaling Prompt

Daily Journaling Prompt that will help you get into journaling and start receiving all the benefits that journaling brings.


Habits Calendar

A Healthy Habits Calendar that you can pin on your wall and chart, track and adjust your progress over the 21 days.


Review Planning Tools

Monthly & Weekly Review & Planners that will help you organise and structure your week


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You missed out!

Beware the deadly trap of procrastination - or worse... inaction!

Picture yourself 30 days from now if you fail to reach out and grab this opportunity… most likely you’ll be stuck in the exact same rut you’re in now, unfit, possibly in pain, scouring the internet for the next quick fix, or fad diet - which you already know - deep down - never works!