Be healthy & Happy or Diet and Restrict your way through life…?

Sometimes it’s a really good idea to ask yourself ‘Do those extra few pounds matter?’

Why are we so super critical and harsh on ourselves?

Do you ever find yourself wanting a flat stomach and to be as trim as possible while also wanting to enjoy your weekends and living life to the max?

It can be a really helpful exercise to every so often, stop and evaluate what YOU want, not just what you’ve be conditioned to want or what you THINK you want.

Dieting to get to a certain weight for a short period of time is so pointless. To be that weight for an event and then go up the second it’s over, what’s that about. It feels like the normal thing to do until you actually logically think about it. Get to a certain weight for an event, but then in your day to day life when you’re out and about, it doesn’t matter so much?

If you constantly find yourself gaining and losing weight, I would have a really good think about what you actually want.

How many times per week do you want to work out? What are your guidelines on your nutrition? What dress size would you love to be ALL of the time? Can you accept that if you eat out and enjoy nice treats that you won’t ever achieve a flat stomach, or the smallest dress size you can be?

When you start to get real with yourself, life becomes A LOT more fun.

Rather than have unrealistic goals and then be constantly  beating yourself up when you don’t hit them, you’ll actually have real workable goals, and it becomes so much more fun!

On top of that, you’ll start to really enjoy being fit and healthy WHILE enjoying your treats GUILT free as you will now know that you can of course eat treats AND still be fit and healthy MAYBE NOT having a flat STOMACH but that’s the small price to pay to not turning into a restrictive diet-y crazy person. 🙂

LOL! I hope you found this helpful.

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Jessica Cooke X

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20 Amazing Benefits of Exercise for Women over 40.

We spend so much time thinking, and over-thinking and complaining about the workout we have to do. If only we could somehow switch that part off and train our brains to GET ON WITH IT.

You know what though? You can. 

You can literally block out any thoughts of your workout until 5 minutes before you start. To do that though, you need to have your three workouts per week scheduled in, and an alarm set to remind you. This won’t work if you’re not ridiculously scheduled within a minute of your workout time. You need to plan and schedule them and don’t move them unless you really have to.

You know what happens then? 

You become CONSISTENT! 

And you know what you get for your efforts? 

You feel brilliant in your clothes;

You feel fit;

You’re happier;

You’re calmer;

You think better;

You reduce your risk of health problems;

You get great skin, nails and hair;

You can hike mountains;

You can climb the stairs;

Your metabolism gets high;

You burn lots of calories at rest;

You get strong muscles and strong bones;

You build lean muscle mass;

You reduce the risk of heart problems;

You don’t feel as achey and stiff;

You become a fit and healthier version of yourself;

You sleep better and feel more naturally tired in the evening;

You reduce your blood pressure;

You more burn fat at rest;

You feel more positive about life

Three workouts, three times per week gives you all that and more. Work at not over-thinking it, get on with it and reap all the rewards. The sooner you do it, the quicker it’ll become less of a big deal and the more integrated into your life it’ll become.

Do strength training, interval training and core work.

Jessica Cooke X

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