15 Minute Simple Workout To Do At Home

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This is a super simple workout that can be done anywhere, anytime, and you only need a skipping rope! If you don’t have one, improvise!

This type of training is interval training, which is going to boost your metabolism, and turn you into a calorie burning machine.

Best done first thing in the morning, while the whole house is still asleep, and you’re more likely to do it, if you’ve less time to think about it!


Good Luck!



About the author 

Jessica Cooke

I love drinking coffee, and my favourite thing in life (apart from my family) is to help women to get fit, healthy and learn how to love themselves again. (oh, and also I love playing with my two Miniature Schnauzers, Buster and Ozzy)

I’ve coached more than 6,140 women over 14 years get fit, healthy and learn how to love themselves again.

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