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I'm Jessica Cooke

I help women over 40 get fit and break free from the unhealthy habits holding them back.

What If I Told You... You Can... Take Back Control of Your Fitness & Health - and rediscover your true self again... without Dieting or going to the Gym

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I've been where you are...

For many years I really struggled to break free from my unhealthy habits that were holding me back.

I had many unhealthy habits that kept me trapped in a cycle of feeling sluggish, stressed out, tired and feeling bad about myself.

I was anxious, stressed out and found it really difficult to get consistent with any healthy habit for any length of time.

Can you relate to that too? Are you tired of feeling unfit and unhealthy?

After many years of calorie counting, dieting, weighing myself and pounding the payments, I realised I was looking for a solution in all the wrong places…

I’m now free, free from my unhealthy habits that were holding me back and making me feel so bad. I dropped three stone, became fit and healthy, and finally got to dump diet culture!

I’ve now served over 6,779 women over 14 years in my Thrive Coaching Program.

My Thrive Coaching Program lays out the exact framework, step-by-step that will take you from feeling unhealthy, stressed out and overwhelmed to feeling confident, calm and in control, without a diet in sight.

You’ll be fit, healthy, energetic and have set yourself free.

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I'm so excited to share with you my courses and coaching programs. With my 14 years of coaching women and through my own personal experience, I've carefully designed these programs. Take a browse through, and pick the one that most excites you. 

Thrive coaching is open!

Feel Terrific in Your Clothes, Feel Fit, Toned & Confident, Calm & In Control... with More Energy & Positivity Than You've Had In Years... without Dieting, Calorie-counting, or Spending Hours at The Gym!

What my Clients Say


I have lost weight but have no clue how much ... my clothes are fitting better and I'm feeling more confident in my own skin. I have attended some marvellous and inspiring online workshops, coffee mornings, live chats that have both inspired AND challenged me.

Margaret McCluskey 


There’s huge strength in being part of a “tribe” of busy women, and who best to work out with than with other women? 

For the first time in years, I am feeling fitter - I am feeling stronger - I have more energy and I generally just feel better about myself.

Jacinta Dalton


I dropped dress size and have a proper waistline again.

I can walk for miles now on our Saturday morning group. Over Christmas I went hiking up Knockma with my 21 year old daughter and I beat her to the top!

Ann Roddy

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