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Thrive Coaching is a Proven Pathway for Successful Women Over 40 Ready to Get Fit & Beat Stress

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Jessica Cooke

Over 40s Fitness Coach 

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Balancing a busy professional life with family life in your 40s is tough, and it doesn't leave much time for you.

You’re really busy - sometimes overwhelmed! - trying to juggle two separate worlds.

There just doesn’t seem like enough time in the day

I know exactly what that’s like; I’ve been there.

Every day is a challenge, and way too similar to the day before. The daily grind can take its toll.

Didn’t life used to be more fun? Now it feels like you’re operating at 60% …on a good day - getting by and going through the motions.

Maybe you’ve been so dedicated to your career and family life that your health has taken a back seat.

You work so hard for your colleagues, career and for your family, yet sometimes it seems there’s very little left for you.

You don’t feel as good as you did ten or fifteen years ago, and by the time you get back after a long day, you barely have the energy to get any enjoyment out of your home life.

Your clothes are tighter than before, and maybe you’ve stopped liking how you look in photos… you may even sometimes wear baggy clothes to hide how you look.

Perhaps you’re not even sure where to start when it comes to taking care of your health and fitness, and finding the time can seem impossible.

There’s so much confusing information out there - ‘should I lift weights?’ ‘What type of exercise should I do?’, ‘what food should I eat?

It can be so overwhelming

And now you’ve realised that the fitness, flexibility and strength you build in your 40s and 50s has such an enormous effect on your later health and quality of life.

You see some of your friends who are fit and active - and wonder how they do it - yet nothing’s worked really well for you.

You may have tried some stuff before

Yet you likely realised that the gym didn’t provide the guidance or support you needed, and the diets you’ve tried only lasted a short time before you got fed up restricting yourself or counting calories.

And the day-to-day busyness just piles on the pressure.

A stressful day derails your good intentions and sometimes you’re too exhausted to stand firm and make better choices.

It’s a cruel and tiring cycle that leaves you drained.

The great news is you’re HERE reading this, which means you haven’t given up.

My journey from stressed out and unhealthy to fit & calm

Hi, I’m Jessica Cooke and I’ve been through this cycle-of-doom so many times, there was a point I thought I’d never escape.

Back when I owned a successful gym I was flat out.

We had eight staff and hundreds of clients over two locations.

I was visiting my parents regularly in Dublin and had a young family at the same time in Galway.

My head was spinning each and every day, and in hindsight, I was just going through the motions.

I was living a life of stress, overwhelm, and worry

The irony was that I was helping others get fit at the gym while completely neglecting my own mental and physical health.

The stress I felt spilled over into all the other areas of my life, affecting not just my health, but my relationships and home life too.

Yet for a while at least, I was blind to the damage it was doing.

I was comfort-eating - piling my plate high at dinner and snacking late at night, and I was drinking more to ‘take the edge off’ after a long hard day.

The thing is that I wasn’t even THAT overweight - I was just a little out of shape. My clothes were tighter, my face a little puffier and flushed after I drank too much.

But these little changes were making a HUGE impact on how I FELT.

My energy was on the floor, life was really getting me down, I became irritable, my confidence took a big hit, and I was getting short of breath doing hikes that would have been absolutely no bother to me before.

Life was just no fun!

And the stress and busyness made my world smaller too - I wasn’t seeing my friends as much, I was socialising less and staying at home more, and to be brutally honest, I wasn’t too much fun to be around.

When my doctor told me during a regular check-up that my blood pressure was high, I just said enough is enough! 

I’d always thought that when I was older I’d be fit, active, able to easily do a hike or a swim if I wanted to. How I was feeling didn’t match the person I wanted to be.

The gym was thriving - we’d just won Best Gym in Connaught, yet there was a total mismatch between how hard I was working, and how I felt about myself.

Something wasn't working and it had to change.

When I took a step back and thought about it simply, I saw that all these negative impacts to my life were in one way or another being caused by two things:

1) stress, and

2) carrying a little extra weight.

(Sounds simplistic, doesn’t it?)

So I set myself the challenge to see if I could develop a program that would tackle both of these issues.

I became the test-pilot for my own new program, and once I began to tackle getting fit and reducing stress SIMULTANEOUSLY, the results were immediate.

It wasn’t long before I lost the little extra weight I was carrying - but that was the least of it.

The Real Win

Systematically reducing the stress, anxiety and overwhelm that had plagued me for so long began to change EVERYTHING.

My relationship with food changed permanently and comfort-eating is a thing of the past.

Because I was less irritable and impatient, all my relationships improved and I recovered my social life.

I have more energy now at 43 than I did at 23, and I’m a lot more comfortable with myself too. 

And that increase in energy creates time in a way; being fit, healthy & full of energy lengthens each day and makes life more fun.

When you’re fit, full of energy, confident in how you look, able to perform well professionally while having a rich home life, life is just more fun. And a lot more fulfilling.

Not enough women knew

And when I looked around and saw other women struggling to balance everything, I wanted to share what I was certain would help them too.

And that’s how Thrive Coaching came to be.

Thrive Coaching contains everything you need, as a busy 40+ professional to get really fit and healthy on one hand, AND on the other to reduce (if not eradicate) the stress and overwhelm that leads to so many of the damaging cyclical behaviours that have been dragging you back to square one over and over again.

It’s the ONLY coaching program that specifically targets stress alongside fitness.

And when you think about how stress and overwhelm are the root cause of many of the negative behaviours that may be affecting you right now… comfort eating, scrolling, irritability, impatience, drinking to ‘take the edge off’...

… can you imagine the extraordinary changes that will come about in your life when you begin to ‘treat’ that stress?

Would YOU like to replace feeling sluggish and stressed with feeling fit and energetic?

Here's how Thrive Coaching works

When you join, you’ll have access to your own personal dashboard on my website.

Your dashboard contains everything you need to do in one easy-to-use place. 

The dashboard updates every day, so you’ll know exactly what to do at any stage, and you’ll have the confidence that everything you’re doing is recommended by me specifically to get you the outcome you want.

This leaves no room for guesswork.

You can contact me directly from inside your dashboard and ask me questions or update me on whatever’s going on.

I also post there daily, and in that way we move forward together, so you’ll never be alone in your journey.

You’ll also be part of our online #Thrivers Community, where you’ll meet, chat, laugh with and get support from other members of the Thrive Coaching community.

The benefits of weekly group calls

I also run a weekly group call in my coaching group, over Zoom, and we’ll go through a framework.

We’ll share what’s been going well.

We’ll talk about a challenge you need help with.

And out of this we’ll then set any additional necessary actions steps for you for the week ahead.

I’m absolutely certain, if you come to these calls every week, you will make progress.

Focusing on your goals

With you and I working on your fitness and health together, we can achieve great things.

I’ll find out what your goals are and when you come on board, we’ll do an initial diagnosis.

You’ll answer a few questions, which I’ll run through my review process.

And I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I may ask for more information so we can put together the best plan for you to get the results you want.

You are at the centre of this process - it only matters what your goals are.

So we work only around your needs.

If you want to work out more or prepare for a specific upcoming event, we’ll do that.

If you’re focused on the long game - building a healthy, strong body for your future, we’ll make a plan to get you there.

If you’re injured or recovering from a surgical procedure, I’ll support you.

See if I'm the right fit for you

There are a couple of things I don’t prioritise in Thrive Coaching, and I should make you aware of those.

Although we have nutrition guidelines, I won’t be prescriptive about food. You’re an accomplished person, and if you’re anything like me, you already KNOW the foods you should be eating and avoiding. Of course I can answer any concerns you have, yet I believe in a healthy balanced diet.

I fundamentally disagree with counting calories, weighing food, or excluding any major food groups. These strategies, in my experience, lead to overcomplicated and obsessive thinking.

I won’t be asking you to weigh yourself at any point. I don’t need to know what you weigh, and neither do you. Feeling terrific in the clothes you like to wear is so much more important than that. We may use the fit of a pair of jeans you like as a means to measure progress that way - but only if you want to.

Yet, if you want to

  • Develop a fit, strong, healthy body for your future
  • Double or triple your energy for a more enjoyable professional life and fulfilling home life
  • Create a healthy relationship with food and with yourself
  • Significantly reduce (or eradicate) the stress, anxiety and overwhelm that lead to self-sabotaging behaviours
  • Enjoy a more rewarding, rich and fun life

Then you should join Thrive Community

It works!

You’re probably wondering if it’s worked for others.

It certainly has.

Since developing the Thrive Coaching System, I’ve had HUNDREDS of women through this latest version of the program.

I sometimes have to pinch myself when I think of the results clients have had, once they decided to work on the important stuff.

Naturally we’ve had the physical transformations, but beyond that, the life changes that some of my clients have made have been remarkable.

We’ve had women who’ve directly attributed being part of Thrive to leaving their jobs to pursue their dream, starting their own business, and many life-changing personal successes I won’t disclose here.

In fact, there’s an entire page just for success stories, so that you can really check it out and be comfortable that I am the right person for you.

Your membership

So I invite you to become part of our supportive community.

I don’t have a long-term contract and it costs about the same as a meal out.

It’s just €147 per month to join the Thrive plus level.

That’s where we’re having the most success for the most reasonable investment.

Consider what's best for you

So now it’s time to make a decision.

You can continue on the path you’re on, although I’m sure you’ve considered where that may lead, without change.

If on the other hand, you’ve realised the reality that us working together will bring enormous positive value to your life, I’m absolutely certain you won’t regret it.

And I’d love to have you on board.

Let's do this!

So I hope you do join me!

If you've got any questions prior to signing up, you can ask me directly by using the form linked here.