What’s your inner stance?

Success in life and in business in simpler than it looks.

It’s a matter of getting from A to B.  A is where you are now, and your job is to get to B.

”A leader demonstrates his commitment to get to B by his willingness to be ‘who he needs to be’ and do ‘whatever it take-in the form of necessary required action” to get to B.

And he does does this by mastering his inner stance.” (Sraight Line Leadership by Dusan Djukich)

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Being ‘who you need to be’ is the most ground breaking, game-changing thing you can ever learn.

It’s fascinating when you start to understand that success in life comes from growing yourself, and your success in life is DIRECTLY related to how far you are willing to grow YOURSELF.

We all operate from inner stances that we’re not aware of, and this leads to frustration, anger and dis-appointment.

But if we actually applied ourselves and committed to success, we would achieve it.

So why do we keep making the same old mistakes? Going around in loops?

The reason is that many people believe success is about having the right information . And they want more and more and more. They become content with insight, are constantly chasing the next thing, but never actually really implement any of it.  They spend their time so focused on learning and wanting to know, and they still feel they don’t have enough knowledge to be successful .

And you know what’s missing?


Altering who you are. Changing where you’re coming from.

Realise that its all about the implementation of the knowledge that you’ve learnt, and not spending more energy searching for the next thing.

Or, it may be that you’re not circular, but in fact zig zag.

You leave the circle stance, surge forward for a while with great performance, and then go back to circle living. You may have been inspired, read a book, gone to a workshop, and for two or three weeks, you’re flying it!

And then you stop. You default back to old patterns, your default personality.

And then you’ve got to find the energy to start all over again… and again… and it continues.

Here’s where you’ve got to be. Knowledge is not enough. To be content with insight is not enough.

You;ve got to get to a point where you see your flaws and you want to work on them.

You’ve got to operate from a straight line stance, that you’ll do what needs to get done. You won’t confuse activity with accomplishment.

We have  all experienced all three behaviours, but  staying on the straight line to your desired results requires a commitment to functioning at a very high level of awareness.

It’s about getting things done, doing what it takes and being open and straight with what you say you’ll do and what you actually do.

Master yourself, understand your weaknesses, improve your strengths and there will be no stopping you.

Committed to your success,

Jessica Cooke





Owner of Inspire Fitness


091 768806

‘Don’t ever settle for second best to your true potential’


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Jessica Cooke

Jessica has inspired hundreds of women to achieve and maintain their health & fitness goals at her two private training studios in Galway City.

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