How to have a happier 2017

I’m coming across a lot of articles at the moment telling me not to set New Year’s goals.

I personally love January. It gives me a chance to wipe the slate clean and try to succeed, in areas where I may have failed the previous year. It’s a wonderful time to re-assess everything in your life, and decide to take action on things that haven’t been working well for you. OK, it may not work if you’re the type of person who doesn’t have any goals, any other time of the year, but for women who work hard, and want to succeed in all areas of their life, it can be really useful.

I have 13 personal goals and 14 business goals for 2017.  Some are goals I set last year, that I didn’t achieve, not from not trying, I just simply didn’t succeed. But I’m really trying to learn that failure is not negative, failure is just a natural part of the success process.

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Which leads me to one of my own personal goals of 2017, to develop a growth mindset, as I believe, after reading a fascinating book on this, that I have a fixed mindset.

I take failure so personally, I judge myself on my successes and losses, I compare myself to others, the list goes on. But I’m OK talking about my weaknesses, that’s something that I tackled in 2016. Getting comfortable with my weaknesses and working on them.

The most important thing for all of us, is to be happy. Happy with our lives and happy with ourselves. You’re not going to find true happiness ever, unless you work on yourself and your mindset.

Look back to a time, maybe before you bought a house, or owned a car, or had a successful career, or kids. I’m betting that you thought to yourself ”Oh, when I have ______, I’ll be happy.” And then it moved on to the next thing, and the next thing, and you never quite found your happiness, because you’re still waiting on the next thing.

So these are my top tips to leading a happier 2017:

Develop a growth mindset.

I highly recommend you read Mindset by Caroline Dweck. If you’re hard on yourself, compare yourself to others, judge yourself on your successes and failures, you need to read this. If you think trying hard at something, or putting in lots of effort into something is a negative thing, you need to read this book.


Ditch the scales.

Once and for all. Im sick of saying it. Why are people so bloody obsessed with the scales? What goos comes  from it? You’re jeans don’t fit? OK, you know what you need to do. Why the hell are you using the scales to judge yourself, day in, day out? What’s to be gained from this? And don’t tell me that it helps you monitor your weight, you know when you’re being bad, you know when you’re being good. You know the story. You don’t need the scales to  tell you anything important. Be honest. You’re not getting on the scales to pat yourself on the back. You’re using it to beat yourself up.


Exercise to be fit. Exercise to be fit and the rest will fall into place. I mean it. If you’re training three times per week, at something you enjoy, in a great community, you’re going to get to a shape that is healthy. It’s so bloody empowering when you do this. Own it.


Get healthy. 

Healthy skin, hair, nails, body, internal organs…. I mean it! Getting healthy is the single best thing you can do for yourself, if you want to be successful in life. Get at the peak of your health and you will find success will come much more easily, in other areas of your life. Michelle Obama, Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, their armour is their health.  Forget the stupid quest to be skinny, its going to ruin the rest of your life.


Find a reason to be healthy. 

OK so it’s all well and good me saying get healthy….. Why would you get healthy if you don’t know WHY you want to be healthy. Who do you have in your life that you need to be around for? Kids? Older parents? Partner? Do you want to die an early death and leave someone behind? Wow, that’s powerful. That’s enough for me.jess new 1

I know in my twenties and even early thirties, I didn’t even think I would die young. I bet you didn’t either. Well, the risk is real . Diabetes? Heart failure? Cancer? The drive in me to stay healthy and alive, keeps bringing me back to my workouts. I’ve heard too many heart-breaking stories and met so many women that have had cancer, that I know how easy it can happen to any one of us, at any time.

Practice the Miracle Morning

Every day, get up half an hour earlier and do the 6 LIFE SAVERS for 5 minutes each. Why?

Because its going to change your life. You’re going to be focused, energised and have purpose to your day. Your going to be ready for action. You can leave out the weekends if you want to.

Silence (Sit in silence) 5 mins

Affirmations ( Out loud, mine is “I’m storing, fearless and courageous) 5 mins

Visualisation (Visualise where you want to be) 5 mins

Exercise (Stretching, yoga, something light) 5 mins

Reading ( It’s good to be a book that will help take you to the next level) 5 mins

Scribing (writing) 5 mins


Eat less carbs

Only because they make us feels sluggish, tired and hungrier! Over-eating on carbohydrates can leave you with very little energy. It’ll be so hard to focus and concentrate. Working out will seem like more of a challenge, and you’ll find it difficult to get out of bed. Instead, focus on having lots of protein and vegetables for your dinner.


View your body as an amazing vehicle

Your body is a blessing, and if you’ve abused it, its time to wipe the slate clean. DITCH the scales. Love your body. feel empowered when you can manage to do a full press-up on your toes. Feel empowered after a session that’s you’e tried so hard in. Love your body and everything it does for you. And STOP looking at it critically. Why are you so horrible to yourself? do you think you deserve that treatment? You don’t. You’re beautiful and your body is a powerful tool you can use to feel great about yourself. When you get healthy.


Stop being so hard on yourself

Let it all go. Did you mess up? Are you failing at some stuff?  Did you shout at the kids? It’s OK. Life can be very tough. It’s OK to not be perfect.  But why are we so bloody hard on ourselves? Do we think this is just a practice run? When we’re lying on our death beds, will we regret beating the crap out of ourselves, day in, day out? Find an outlet for your anger, stress and disappointment. I highly recommend exercise. 🙂


You have the power to make 2017 your best year yet. Take action and make this year count.

And remember, life begins at 40.

Committed to your success,



Jessica Cooke







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Jessica Cooke

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