Tips to stay motivated to exercise, so you stop the yo-yo!

Do you gain/lose/gain/lose/gain over and over and over again?

Are you sick of this?

Do you exercise for a while, then stop, then start, then stop, over and over again?

Do you want to stop this cycle? Aren’t you sick of this? You invest time and money and headspace into getting fit, so why do you throw it away, after doing so well? What stops you from persevering, from sticking at everything you’ve worked so hard for?

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Most women, when I ask them this, tell me that they’re lazy. But if you look into other areas of their life, they are certainly not lazy. I don’t believe you’re lazy. I think you may think you’re lazy, but I know there’s more to it than that. Here’s what I believe keeps you yo-yo ing

You’re reason to exercise isn’t big enough.

You’ve associated exercise with negative stuff. You do it to lose weight, or prepare for a wedding, or some event. You do it to stop the weight going up, to allow yourself to eat more, to punish yourself for what you ate. This is going ot keep you caught in that yo-yo. When you’re tired, stressed, and not in the mood to work out, do you really think you’re going to drag yourself to a workout, for any of these reasons? No, you;re going to skip it.

You’ve got to work on your mindset. You’ve got to re-program your brain and tie exercise into much more powerful stuff. Staying independent as you get older, staying youthful and healthy for your kids, being a good role model, for your mental health, to be better at your job, to feel better about yourself. You’ve got to build it into your life as a habit, just like brushing your teeth.

You’re putting yourself last 🔴

You put yourself at the bottom of the list. Everything comes before you. If you saw the laundry basket stacked high, that would come before you. If your schedule slightly changes, your stuff gets dropped. You haven’t prioritised yourself, you don’t come high enough on the list. Know that this is going to back fire on you down the line, when your mental health suffers. Becoming a cranky, tired, stressed out, unhappy version of yourself, does no one any favours. You’ve got to take care of you.

You hate working out  🔴

You had a bad experience, and now you assume you hate it. I’ve changed many clients lives by finding a way to get them to love exercise. It is possible, I know you may laugh, but it is. 🙂

Keep your gear in the car 🔴

You know those days when the moment takes you? ‘OK, if I had my gear, I would totally workout now!’ Well, keep your stuff in the car, so you’re always ready to go.

You don’t plan 🔴

You decide on Sunday you’re going to workout next week, but you have no plan, no idea of times, no thought what you’re going to do. So really, it;s just a wish.

You know your weakness, but you don’t do anything about it 🔴

You know exercise is the one area of your life that you need help with, but you don’t get it, and you keep relying on your own willpower, even though you know it doesn’t work. If it’s not working for you, get help.

You go walking, but it gets you nowhere 🔴

You’re not getting results walking, but you keep walking. What you’re doing isn’t getting you results, but you keep doing it. You need to mix it up!

Hope this helps 🙂 Jessica X

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Jessica Cooke

Jessica has inspired hundreds of women to achieve and maintain their health & fitness goals at her two private training studios in Galway City.

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Kathleen Donovan - January 7, 2018

Hi Jessica could you contact me please my name is Kathleen and I’m very interested in getting yr help pls


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