The Ageing process and You.


“slowing down the ravages of time”….. “reducing telltale signs of ageing”….”anti-ageing”, ”youth is in your genes, re-activate it”….”measurable reduction in the look of wrinkles”……

“Décolletage: Maximum exposure means dreaded age spots, fine lines and crepiness. Freckles are definitely not cute anymore.”

“total transforming anti-aging moisturizer.”

”Get rid of cellulite.”


Getting  older can be a really wonderful experience, if you focus on working on yourself, and becoming the best version of you, inside and out.

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Have you ever asked yourself why you care about all the stuff above? Why do you actually care if you have cellulite? Does it matter if you have wrinkles? And if you look at your face in the mirror, what is it that’s upsetting you?

Is it the wrinkles or is is something else? Because it’s so easy to blame the physical symptoms of ageing, as that which is getting you down, and forget, or choose to ignore, the potential bigger reasons.

Maybe, when you look in the mirror, whats really getting you down is your health, and how you’re actually feeling about yourself. Maybe if you were really healthy, you’d feel really good, and all the other stuff would just fade away and mean nothing to you.

I mean age spots, who the hell cares? I couldn’t give a flying monkeys about my face changing the older I get, I’m deadly serious. And I used to be obsessed. Obsessed in my twenties, obsessed in my early thirties, and then I discovered fitness, and personal development,  and it quite literally, changed my whole perspective on things.

I also have a really great mentor, who teaches me that true growth comes from within. True growth is developing a strong, growth mindset,  operating at an almost higher level than you’re used to. That you push yourself, experience as much as you can, work hard every day, and put your best effort into everything. That you literally, every day, work hard at becoming the best version of you. And hard work and effort are rewarded.

And it’s a lot of work. You’ve got to be seriously focused on your family, career, relationships, spirituality and personal growth, every single day. (Write down on a piece of paper right now, those five areas in your life, and put an up arrow beside the ones you dedicate time to, and a down arrow beside the ones you neglect. What does it tell you?)

And you’ve got to make sacrifices. You’ve got to make choices. You’ve got to be seriously committed.

And have faith that it all pays off. Which of course it does.

Did you know that about 80% of the population just settle in life? Actually just accept the life they’ve ended up in, the situation there in, they sit back and just wait for things to happen? I use that as serious motivation every day to keep going. That sounds like my idea of absolute hell.

So yes, ageing is happening to us, but who cares?

You’ve got to push harder to not give up on yourself, because it becomes harder to do that, the older you get. Every fibre in your body screams at you to accept things as they are, but you’ve got to rise above that.

So focus now on who you want to become and where you want to get to. And if you’re worried about ageing, chances are you’re worried about your health.

So here’s some things you can do right now to improve your health, and if you give it 4 weeks, you’re going to start feeling really good.

  1. Work on your mindset. Buy the book ‘Mindset by Caroline Dweck’. It’ll change the way you think about things.
  2. Workout. Find something you love doing, and if you hate working out, chances are you haven’t found something that you love. When you do, it’ll all click into place.
  3. Change your nutrition habits. Start by cutting out the crap and then get some knowledge on how to eat properly, or find someone who can hold you accountable, if you don’t have the motivation to do it yourself. Your mood is so dependant on what you eat.
  4. Go and get a hobby. Now I know how busy you are, and I know how horrible that word ‘hobby’ can sound, but fitness can be your hobby! You can quite literally kill two birds with one stone. Find something you love doing, that will hold you accountable to your health, and let that become your hobby!
  5. Find a purpose, find a reason for getting up in the morning, that’s just for you! Not your kids, or family, but something special just for you that you can look forward to.  (Working out!)
  6. Do something that takes you out of your comfort zone once a month.
  7. Get out in nature. Go hiking and re-connect with nature and your spiritual side.
  8. Get healthy and fit and throw away the bloody scales. They’re pointless and if you get on the scales more than once a week, you’ve become obsessed with the really unhealthy side of  health.
  9. Commit to spending quality time with your kids/family. And when you’re with them, switch off. Switch off your phone and anything else distracting. I think the amount we use our phone has the potential to be the number one regret we have in life.
  10. If you view yourself as lazy, stop. Changes are you’re not lazy. Something else is going on. Maybe you’er unhappy about something and you’re not sure what that is, but very few people are naturally lazy. It takes time but work at figuring yourself out and find the underlying reasons why you’re feeling so stuck.
  11. Remember that you have so much to give, there’s so much untapped potential inside of you.

The biggest commonality between women I’m noticing when I meet them in consultations, is that they’re not spending enough time on themselves,  they’ve given up on themselves, and they’re seriously worried about their heath and getting older.

If this is you, remember that you’re not alone, and you can genuinely do something about it now, and make 2017 a really great year. And you can stick two big fingers up at the ‘ageing process’ and become the best version of you, and live your best life, regardless of age.

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To your Health,

Jessica Cooke





AOwner of Inspire Fitness

”Empowering women to live their best life”

P.S Click here to request more information on our programs



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Jessica Cooke

Jessica has inspired hundreds of women to achieve and maintain their health & fitness goals at her two private training studios in Galway City.

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