Being a mum and keeping fit- the struggle is real!

I don’t think I’ve ever come across such a massive wall to your health than kids. They drive you to absolute distraction sometimes, and as amazing they are, it is, hands down, the toughest thing to do.

Sometimes whole days are spent trying to keep calm as they push every tiny button in you, and it’s an absolute blessing once 7pm comes, that you haven’t cracked up/ran away/drank 3 litres of vodka straight (joke)

From your clothes to your carpets, they put their mark on everything, and  don’t care about what’s important to you… because they don’t know!

it’s horrible  when you realise you’ve left the house looking like crap. You actually thought you didn’t look too bad, but that standard was against how you looked the day before, with food on your clothes.

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So trying to stay away from biscuits and sweet stuff is a struggle. Or big food portions, or lots of carbohydrates.

Whatever you thing is. It can  just feel like the only thing in life that’s comforting  Your immediate reaction to wanting to over-eat when your kids wreck your head? Completely normal, we all feel it.

The drive to wolf a packet of biscuits the second the kids have gone to bed? Totally and utterly normal and you’re lucky it’s not alcohol…that’s a whole different story.

What we have to do is acknowledge that our kids leave us feeling like we want to self-sabotage.

They drive us to over-eating, and other negative habits that give us temporary escapism and make us feel normal again.

A bit like our old selves. When we felt clean, more together, less hassled and more in control.

So how do we avoid temptation and carry on with our own life goals and live our lives with intent, and not just want to throw in the towel, get over-weight, and give up?

There’s a few things I’d love to share with you that help me with my struggle, and help keep me focused on my goals and my health.

  • I mediate. I use the app Headspace and do it for 10 minutes every day. I previously thought it was too much hassle until I realised it can be done anywhere, very informally, even when you commute. This brings a sense of calm to me, helps keep me centred, and helps me make better decisions throughout the day.
  • I workout every morning in the fresh air, in the back garden for 16 minutes…even if it rains. I do Tabata training and it’s really changed my life. It puts me in a good mood, and I’m more likely to stay on the health wagon throughout the day, when I workout in the morning.
  • I read books. Perfect escapism… and I mostly read personal development books to help turn me into a better person.
  • I look at my goals every day, to remind me I have lots of me left, and it’s not all for the kids.
  • I try to focus on work when I’m in work, and switch off when I’m with the kids. I have only just started to master this. And it’s working really well. So tough to implement though.
  • I have an office in my home for all things work, and the kids aren’t allowed in there.
  • I eat regularly throughout the day and follow a healthy eating plan!
  • I allow myself to relax more at weekends. I rest, take time out from exercise and enjoy the foods I love.
  • I don’t really use my phone when the kids are about. I keep it somewhere else. It just drives me insane when I try and speak to someone, and they are crawling all over me. It leads to guilt about not listening to them properly, or the person on the phone. Solution? Don’t do it or avoid as much as possible.

Remember you’re not alone. Having kids is bloody hard work and trying to keep your own identity is hard. But intentionally, work at it every day and you’ll succeed.

I’m here to help. Click here if you’d like to request a chat with one of my team.

Jessica Cooke

Owner & Manager of Inspire Fitness





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Jessica Cooke

Jessica has inspired hundreds of women to achieve and maintain their health & fitness goals at her two private training studios in Galway City.

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