#FEELGOOD Workshop | Jessica Cooke Personal Trainer Galway

#FEELGOOD Lifestyle 'Installation' Workshop

[Saturday, 4th May 2019, 10am - 3pm - Inspire Fitness, Tuam Road]

"This 5 hour workshop installs in YOU everything you'll ever need to know about exercise, nutrition and mindset... even if you haven't the foggiest right now about how or where to start when it comes to exercise or eating right.

And I've designed this to happen with little or no effort on your part.

Give me 5 hours of your time, follow the method I've been coaching for over 11 years, and I'll transform the way you think about your health & fitness forever - or your money back!"

Jessica Cooke

Owner, Inspire Fitness - Galway's Boutique Fitness Club for Busy Women

[We own 16 chairs, so there are 16 places :-)]

After The Workshop, You'll...

  • Take away the simple formula I've developed for my top clients over 11 years that'll help you effortlessly design your own fast, effective workouts that'll boost your energy levels, supercharge your confidence, and rewind your fitness levels 5, 10 or even 20 years.
  • Finally get crystal clear on what to eat and what not to eat. This will end ALL the confusion about weighing food, carbs vs no carbs, how much protein?, fad diets, and more. Most of what you hear and read about food is BS! Learn how to feed yourself sustainably for health, energy and a long life - and how to control those crazy cravings for good!
  • Finally understand the nuts and bolts of achieving outstanding results. The 'insider secrets' you'll take away can be applied to any area of your life to get ahead, whether with your career, relationships or with your health & fitness.

[We own 16 chairs, so there are 16 places :-)]