What to do when your confidence takes a hit

A lack of confidence is what is holding us all back my friends. Nothing else. Your worried you’ll fail, you’re scared you’ll look like a fool, you’re worried it won’t work .  The same old patterns at play.

Your complete lack of belief in yourself.

I don’t want to get older, regretting not speaking up for what I believe in, or angry with myself for not going after the stuff I wanted to. I don’t want that to happen and I’m trying to fight that every day.

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I mean who cares what others think of us? Oh no, you don’t like me, does that make my life different? Accepting that some people hold different core values to you is great, because you don’t have to try and understand them anymore, they’re just different. But don’t let them have an effect on who you are and how you go about your day.

Negative people will ALWAYS be negative, and they’ll always try to bring you down. If there is even one person in your life that makes you question yourself, you’ve got to cut them off.


I think the older we get, yes, the less we care what people think, but it’s also true that the our confidence might be less than it used to be, because of things that may have happened to you. And for many people, they accept their new low-level of confidence and get on with their life, trying to live with it.

Don’t do this.

You can get your confidence back. And if you’ve never had confidence before, you can get it.

In spades.

Confidence isn’t about trying to come across as the bigger person, let them at it.

Confidence comes from within.

And that’s what exercise does for you. It helps you get stronger, both physically and mentally. So it’s really impossible not to grow in confidence, when you workout. It’s just a by-product.

So if you were to figure out a way to workout consistently in your life, your life will change. Your inner dialogue will change. You will change. It’ll just happen.

So try to think of working out as medicine that you just must take. Exercise is the glue that keeps your life working really well. It takes care of your frustrations, fears, worries and anxiety. It fixes all those worries and leaves you feeling better. It leaves you better able to cope, and strong in your stance.

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Have a great day peeps <3 Jessica X





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Jessica Cooke

Jessica has inspired hundreds of women to achieve and maintain their health & fitness goals at her two private training studios in Galway City.

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