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The ONE thing you must do, to build your confidence back after its taken a knock. (Just focus on this one thing)

Clothes or make up, or anything external isn’t going to give you rock solid, un-shakeable confidence. Shopping, drinking, spending hours on social media, binge-eating, living for the weekends, or hiding away isn’t going to fix it either. I’ve only relatively recently, built rock solid confidence in myself. I look back at times in my life, […]


5 (SUPER simple steps towards feeling good and creating long-lasting results (Get off the vicious cycle)!

I used to have it backwards! This is what I thought you had to do to lose weight, before I discovered the most life-changing, super, empowering way ever! I thought you had to calorie count, eat the bare minimum, diet, get on the weighing scales very often, compare my weight to others and figure out […]