Bloated Stomach Problems?

Abdominal bloating is a condition in which the abdomen feels uncomfortably full and gaseous, and may also be visibly swollen. Bloating is a common complaint among adults.

Discomfort aside, if you have a big event coming up, it can very dis-heartening when your clothes aren’t fitting.

Natural juice can be be a solution to this problem, and I came across a really tasty one that actually works! Why does it work so well?

Pineapple contains enzymes that help digestion. Celery prevents water retention and prevent burp. Fennel and ginger affect the renewal of intestinal flora. The combination that you need to eliminate bloated stomach and digestive problems.

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So here it is, it is so simple to make:

You will need:De-bloating juice

  • Half of small pineapple
  • Half a head or two stalks of fennel
  •  2 stalks celery with leaves
  • A piece of ginger root 2-3 cm




Mix all the ingredients in a blender. Better if you have a powerful juicer. Add a little water as needed. Drink on an empty stomach if necessary.

I hope you enjoy it, let me know if you do.

Jessica xx

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Jessica Cooke

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Jessica Cooke

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