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The ONE thing you must do, to build your confidence back after its taken a knock. (Just focus on this one thing)

Clothes or make up, or anything external isn’t going to give you rock solid, un-shakeable confidence. Shopping, drinking, spending hours on social media, binge-eating, living for the weekends, or hiding away isn’t going to fix it either. I’ve only relatively recently, built rock solid confidence in myself. I look back at times in my life, […]


How to get into terrific shape for your daughters wedding (simple tips that will save you time, and will have you feeling amazing on the day!!!

I’ve worked with lots of mothers of the bride in the 10 years I’ve been in business and I love it! I love the transformation of confidence that you see, and them feeling really good about themselves. Because that’s the most important thing, right? That you feel really good on the big day. You know […]