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What I’ve learned so far.

Where do I start? So much has happened. I’ve gained and lost 3 stone. I got rid of anxiety and panic attacks. I’ve been though and got through post-natal depression. I’ve had rock bottom confidence. My self worth has been so low, that I’ve struggled to go into work some days. I’ve grown a business […]

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How to improve your self-esteem

Self-esteem is one of those things that can’t be fixed with make-up . It’s got to start from within. Low-self esteem can happen for some many reasons, and there’s not very many people out there who haven’t gone through, at least a phase, of feeling bad about themselves. It’s really difficult to have a happy […]

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The Ageing process and You.

  “slowing down the ravages of time”….. “reducing telltale signs of ageing”….”anti-ageing”, ”youth is in your genes, re-activate it”….”measurable reduction in the look of wrinkles”…… “Décolletage: Maximum exposure means dreaded age spots, fine lines and crepiness. Freckles are definitely not cute anymore.” “total transforming anti-aging moisturizer.” ”Get rid of cellulite.” Enough. Getting  older can be a really wonderful […]

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How to have a happier 2017

I’m coming across a lot of articles at the moment telling me not to set New Year’s goals. I personally love January. It gives me a chance to wipe the slate clean and try to succeed, in areas where I may have failed the previous year. It’s a wonderful time to re-assess everything in your life, […]

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