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The Ageing process and You.

  “slowing down the ravages of time”….. “reducing telltale signs of ageing”….”anti-ageing”, ”youth is in your genes, re-activate it”….”measurable reduction in the look of wrinkles”…… “Décolletage: Maximum exposure means dreaded age spots, fine lines and crepiness. Freckles are definitely not cute anymore.” “total transforming anti-aging moisturizer.” ”Get rid of cellulite.” Enough. Getting  older can be a really wonderful […]

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How to have a happier 2017

I’m coming across a lot of articles at the moment telling me not to set New Year’s goals. I personally love January. It gives me a chance to wipe the slate clean and try to succeed, in areas where I may have failed the previous year. It’s a wonderful time to re-assess everything in your life, […]

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Top 10 Healthy Snacks to Keep you Full

This time of year, with the increased amount of parties and social occasions, it’s more important than ever to keep yourself fuelled throughout the day. Yes, I think 100% you should enjoy Christmas, but if you know you’re going to feel really bad in January, are you sure you want to sink back into old […]

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What’s your inner stance?

Success in life and in business in simpler than it looks. It’s a matter of getting from A to B.  A is where you are now, and your job is to get to B. ”A leader demonstrates his commitment to get to B by his willingness to be ‘who he needs to be’ and do […]

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