Are you unhappy in yourself?

Tired, frustrated, fed up, sluggish, unhappy, are very real problems for women that are so busy, and have no time for themselves.

When you don’t have time for yourself, you don’t look after yourself. You’re over- weight,  out of breath when you climb the stairs, you’re an overweight shadow of your former self.

No one gets this until they’ve been through it themselves. It’s so easy to judge.

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Having recently lost 3 stone, (AND I RUN A FITNESS BUSINESS!!!!!), I know all to well what it feels like to feel fat, tired, unhappy and stuck in a rut. I built up all this confidence, felt fit, amazing and on top of the world, and then I had kids.

And everything changed. And after the second birth, I seriously struggled to lose weight. I was so unhappy, I turned to food. I couldn’t break the cycle. I was so stressed out, and I had post-natal depression too, that I struggled to stick on my trainers and workout. I was fat, unfit and couldn’t bare to look at myself in the mirror. I had lost my identity.

Add to that finding baby food on your clothes 24/7, screaming kids, not having time to update your wardrobe, feeling like you’ve turned into a nag,  yep, it wasn’t a good place. Where was the young, vibrant, happy person gone?

I love seeing women start at Inspire Fitness that are going through the same thing. I get so excited because I know we can help them, get back to where they were. That place when they were fun, happy and excited for the future.deidre-graham2016-2

Because isn’t that what it’s all about? Being happy in yourself, so you can laugh with your friends/husband/partner, and enjoy the life you have, rather than wishing it was over?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have real unshakeable confidence in yourself? Don’t we all want to be fit and healthy?

There is no gift greater you can give yourself, than the gift of a heathy life. Who wants to die from a long and slow disease? You’ve got to make yourself as healthy as possible to live a long and healthy life.

So here’s what you’ve got to:

You’ve got to;

life weights 2-3 times per week.. compound exercises are a must.

Do cardio

Drink enough water

Avoid processed foods

Follow the spare dirt (eat less, move more)


Personal development.. (Have you read the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod)?

If you follow the 7 steps above, you’re going to get back on track. Results take time, but feeling back on track, and feeling good again, come much quicker that you think!

You’ve got to take the focus OFF the weight and focus on what’s important, your happiness and who you are as a person. Life can begin way past our thirties. Let’s make our forties and our fifties, sixties, our best years yet.

To you heath and happiness

Jessica Cooke







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Jessica Cooke

Jessica has inspired hundreds of women to achieve and maintain their health & fitness goals at her two private training studios in Galway City.

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