About Jessica Cooke

Jessica Cooke

I graduated form UCD with a 2.1 and moved to Paris to live out my dreams!

I partied too hard, and became really unhealthy. I was 3 stone over weight, and started to get really anxious and stressed. I got frequent panic attacks and had a full breakdown. My life was in tatters.

So I decided to leave and move to Galway. I got a job as a waitress in Fat Freddies on Quay street, and decided to lose weight.


I tried unsuccessfully many times. I tried Weight Watchers, Slimming world, calorie counting, and I hated it. It made me feel worse. I felt like a failure, stuck in a vicious cycle of weight gain and weight loss. It all felt so negative.


One day, a colleague at Fat Freddies, invited me along for a run, so I went along.


And it transformed my life forever.


I fell in love with feeling good, and working towards feeling good and getting healthy, not watching the scales. I completely over-hauled my life, and continued to work towards feeling really good.


I loved it so much, I decided to qualify as a Personal trainer and study how the habits we have on a daily basis, effect our lives so much.


I became a full time Personal .Trainer and started my business, Inspire Fitness. I’ve grown it from just me, to now a team of 6.


We empower women and help them feel really good about themselves, that’s how The Feelgood Coach name came about.


I got married, had two kids, and kept growing the business. While pregnant with Emily, my second, we grew so fast, we had to re-locate to the Tuam rd, from Barna. Delays in the building work, and nothing going to plan, saw me back at work, 5 weeks after Emily was born. That brought on post-natal depression.


It took a good year and a half to get back to feeling great again, and that time has really made me appreciate how important it is to look after you, and to get the balance right. Your health, both mental and physical, is everything.

Inspire Fitness has now gone from strength to strength and we’ve to date helped 1,000’s of women, get fit healthy, and to a place that they feel great.