5 Healthy Habits to Live by

Inconsistency! The killer of all goals. You achieve them, and then you go back to square one, or you can’t seem to ever achieve your goal. Annoying excess weight, your lack of fitness, bad health, makes you feel bad, so why can’t you get it together? If your clothes don’t fit right, and you feel bad about it, surely it should be easy right?



Why are you going around in a vicious cycle? Weight loss/Progress-Plateau- Weight gain/Failure

There’s a few reasons why this may be happening. If this is you, know that so many women go through this, many for years, before they crack it. A lot of my clients, when they first start with us, blame themselves, but you know what, it’s not your fault! Mixed messages, the weight loss industry, a lack of motivation, doing the wrong type of training, not eating correctly, can all lead to inconsistency.

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So how can you get consistent and make sure 90% of the time, you’re feeling on track?

  1. Workout to #FEELGOOD

    Once you crack this, you’ll be an exerciser for life, regardless of what’s going on in your life. Never workout to punish yourself for the food you’ve eaten. It’s so depressing when you do that and it’ll put you off working out. When you’re going through a bad phase with food and not eating great, don’t let that be the reason to stop you working out.

    Many women tend to stop working out, when they’re not seeing results, or they’re eating bad, and this is the worst thing you can do! Workout through the thick and thin, to improve your mood and make you #feelgood. It’ll help keep you on track and stop you falling off the wagon completely.

  2. Do the right type of exercise.

    When you’re not doing the right things, you’re not going to get results, and you’re going to get frustrated. And it’s this frustration that can cause you to stop working out. As you get older, it becomes more important than ever to do resistance training and interval training. Once you hit 40, your muscle mass & your metabolism decreases. You need to combat that with the right type of training to continue to get results, which will keep you motivated.

  1.  Bin the weighing scales.

    Why do you weigh yourself? What does it tell you that you don’t already know?  Why do you need the scales to be the measure of how you’re doing. Picture this. You get back on track, you’ve a good week, you workout and you’re just starting out on engraining healthy habits. You get to the end of the week, you weight yourself, get de-motivated, so you eat badly that night in frustrating, and give up! Well what if you hadn’t off weighed yourself? You’d have kept going! Healthy habits lead to results. Weighing yourself only leads to failure.

  2.  Snack between meals.

    Too many of you are leaving long gaps between meals, skipping main meals, and it only leads to your metabolism decreasing. And you know what that means? Frustration as you stop getting results. And that leads to wanting to quit, which leads to that vicious cycle again.

  3. Do my 20 minute mindset (at least for 30 days)

    Keep a little notepad in your handbag, and every day, write down your goals, your action steps, and 3 things you’re grateful for in life. Doing this every day, helps keep you focused and on track. It completely changed how I approached each day once I started this and I’d be lost without it now! Sometimes I even do this up to 3 times a day!

I hope this helps you, remember the road to success is not a straight line up. Once you learn to accept the bumps along the way as part of the process, you’ll be successful because you’ll keep at it. Jessica X

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Jessica Cooke

Jessica has inspired hundreds of women to achieve and maintain their health & fitness goals at her two private training studios in Galway City.

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